view from griffith park observatory to los angeles

What a wonderful walk in Griffith Park

What a Wonderful Walk In Griffith Park

LA's municipal park at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains

Los Angeles is our destination today readers. If you’ve been in LA before, or indeed booked LA escorts, you may have been to Griffith Park. Hell, it’s big enough, so if you’ve spent longer than a day in the city, you’ll have at least heard of it!

view from griffith park observatory to los angeles

What is Griffith Park?

Griffith Park is over 4000 acres of beautiful land in the east of the Santa Monica Mountains (which are also stunning of course!) It’s one of the major parks in North America. When we say biggest parks, we’re talking about what they would call an “urban park,” not something like Yellowstone or The Rockies!

It’s more of a slightly tamed version of the rugged outdoors, with paths and trails all over it for cycling, walking, etc. There is something for everyone to do in Griffith Park. It’s the second biggest park in California, so it’s pretty accessible. And it’s a marvelous place to escape from the same old things if you book a travel escort from out of town. Talk about romantic! Have you ever taken a beautiful woman for a walk in a park like this?

A little more than the rugged outdoors

Yes, you can go horse riding and cycling through the park, or simply stroll. There’s plenty of rugged nature to interact. However, there are also activities here and there too, so you can spend all day in the park. There are numerous picnic grounds to enjoy a spot of lunch with your travel companion; there are tennis courts, golf courses and even train rides to enjoy!

Have some fun with a companion

For what more could you ask? Get yourselves out of the hotel for a while, get some fresh air and have some fun with your companion. It doesn’t always have to be about restaurants, bars and hotels you know, our girls love to do something different from time to time.