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Winter is here, it’s cold, get me some sunshine!

Winter is here, but not everywhere!

Some of the most popular travel escort destinations in winter

It is cold indeed. Depending on where you are in the world, there are some pretty cold spots right now, and many people are contemplating getting out to warmer climates. Our famous “winter sun” category is getting many hits on the blog at the moment, so we thought it's a good idea to share a few more ideas. After all, who wants a travel escort all wrapped up in a thick winter coat? Wouldn’t you rather have her in her bikini?

escort girl saint lucia caribbean


Escape to Dubai with an attractive escort! Not only is this one of the most popular places for Europeans to escape the winter, but it’s also essentially a huge playground in the sense that you have everything you need there, from luxury hotels and spas to luxury shopping, and even luxury theme parks. The heat in Dubai will leave you never wanting to go back home; and hell, if you can stay there, for goodness sake do!


You don’t have to be on a bachelor holiday to enjoy Phuket in Thailand. We say this since this is such a popular place to go for all those young men who enjoy the “company” of Thai girls! Our travel escorts love the island, and all that it encompasses, but most of all they like the heat when it’s cold in Europe and other parts of the world. Swimming in clear waters, sunbathing, and some outstanding traditional cuisine, goes towards making it one of our companions’ favorite winter sun destinations.

Saint Lucia

Ah, the Caribbean! St Lucia is the jewel in the Caribbean, in our opinion. And of course the view of our travel companions. White, sandy beaches, gloriously warm temperatures, and crystal clear waters. Some of the luxury resorts here are excellent too, depending on where you book. They love to pamper you and look after every single need. Allow our escort girls to take care of your companionship needs. It’s what they do best of all!

Book your winter escape to Dubai, Thailand or the Caribbean now!

Book your break now, before it gets too late. To hell with work, get yourself some well-deserved rest in the sun. Book our escort girls as early as you can please. If you think for one moment they’re going to hang around where it’s cold, you’ve got another thing coming!