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Where can you still see Rhinos?

Where Can You Still See Rhinos?

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The rhinoceros is arguably one of the closest relations to the dinosaur we’re ever likely to see these days, yet sadly they’re so very scarce. However, for all you wildlife lovers out there, we have found out just where you can still see them. Why not take a trip to see the majestic rhino before you no longer can? We know a few young companions who love such travels!

While tourism has in the past been a threat to wildlife, it’s a good thing these days. They call it “eco-tourism,” believe it or not. If you’re paying money to go on holiday and see this wildlife, it’s in the government’s best interests to protect it! You understand where we’re coming from we’re sure. There are some unique systems in place to provide safety for endangered species, and most are well funded by tourism.

safari holiday wildlife wild animals and nature


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and the Borana Ranch and Conservancy, are both helping to keep the African rhino alive today while allowing tourists to see just how wonderful this creature is. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is home to over 60 of these rhinos, and they have a good record for preventing poaching. You can view the rhinos, and indeed the Kenyan mountains in their relaxing Safari camp. It’s not The Ritz, but it’s a lot of fun.

Borana Ranch is doing equally as much to combat poaching, but they are also doing wonders for the local community too. Money from tourism to this non-profit organization is going towards not only providing safe and nurturing environments for the rhinoceros but also to improve the lives of the community surrounding them.

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