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Welcome to Washington

Washington is the capital city of North America, and it’s on the top of the list for virtually everyone who comes to the USA. Therefore, our High-Class Washington Escorts simply love DC, as it is often called.

Washington is more than ready for tourists, but it has a lot more to offer than simple tourist attractions. Yes, you can take in the Washington Monument, The White House, and The Lincoln Memorial, but there’s more to Washington than the things everyone sees in the movies and on travel advertisements. Ask our Washington Escorts when you meet them, they’ll tell you even more than we can!

It’s a vast and sprawling city that boasts some wonderful architecture, has loads of museums that celebrate virtually every culture from around the world and a wonderfully inspiring music scene. That’s just a small taste of Washington.

We would need more space to give the US capital the write up it deserves, but we can point you in the direction of some of the places that you simply must visit while you’re here. And we can always point you the way to go for the perfect Washington DC escort to keep you company of course! Women fly in and out of Washington all the time, and the next one could be coming into town just for you!

upper class escort in a park in washington dc

Staying in Washington DC

It’s the capital of the USA, so it’s going to have some good hotels right? Of course, it is, and we have had the privilege of staying in a couple that we think you just might be interested in. Washington is a sprawling city with many areas, as we’ve mentioned, but we’ve selected two great hotels that won’t leave you too far away from anything you might want to see. Public transportation and cabs are superb in Washington so that you won’t waste any time at all.

  • The Graham Georgetown - 1075 Thomas Jefferson Street. Neatly placed in Norwest Washington, in Georgetown, The Graham is a lovely place to stay. Just the right amount of luxury without the pretension going on here. And our Washington Escorts love a bit of luxury! It’s essentially a boutique hotel that caters to the rich predominantly, but it comes very highly recommended. The rooms are very tastefully decorated in neutral colors with a good mixture of traditional and modern. There’s a 24-hour gym for your use, and we would recommend eating at the restaurant. It’s very fresh with a good “farm to table” menu. We particularly like the Alex Lounge and the Observatory, where you can get a lovely view over DC; particularly beautiful at night.
  • Four Seasons Washington – Of course there’s a Four Seasons in Washington, there’s one in practically every city in the world isn’t there? You can bet your life that the DC hotel is one of the best, though. It’s in a lovely location, right where you need it, and close to the metro station. The rooms and suites are top notch, with minibars and marble bathrooms, etc. Many of the suites have lounges and balconies too, and our Washington DC escorts love the views! Great business center, fitness center, and spa. Furthermore, the cocktail bar is incredibly well stocked for a cheeky pre-dinner drink! We love it at Four Seasons!

Dining in Washington DC

Dining options in Washington are very eclectic, to say the least, and fine dining is easy to find and of an excellent standard indeed. You would expect it to be with such a huge amount of powerful people to entertain and feed all the time, not to mention international dignitaries and political visitors from overseas of course. We have carefully chosen a couple of our favorite restaurants, and we hope that should you travel to Washington in the near future, you try out at least one of them; if only so that you know our travel escorts have good taste. It’s already clear that we have excellent taste in Washington escorts!

  • Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab - 750 15th Street. This restaurant has made it into our list because it’s based on our escorts’ experience. One of the escort girls just happened to be with a client who wanted Stone Crab, and Joe’s was nearby; that’s the truth! It’s a really snug and comfortable little restaurant that doesn’t look much from the outside, but when you get in there, and you soak up the atmosphere and meet the friendly staff, you know you’ve come to the right place. They take their food as seriously as they do their hospitality at Joe’s. Additionally, you’re pretty much guaranteed a good meal every time. They have a mixed clientele, from high flyers to normal people!
  • Marcel's by Robert Wiedmaier - 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue. The name should speak volumes to anyone who is a foodie of course, but to those who it means nothing, just take our word for it. This place is good. However, with that sterling recommendation, comes a high price tag. It’s not cheap at Marcel’s! The food, atmosphere and service are well worth the extra money. This French/Belgian cuisine is unique and carefully crafted. A seven-course dinner menu here will cost you around $160 a head. It’s sure to impress your Washington escort, however, so it’s up to you whether you think it’s worth it!

Our Washington recommendations


Not on everyone’s list of “to do” things in the city, but some of our Washington Escorts love it here. Probably because it’s a wealthy, somewhat aristocratic crowd down there, and women love money and power. There’s a plentiful supply of both in Washington! Check out Georgetown Waterfront Park for a romantic place to go strolling with your lady friend. You can check out the yachts on the water, the kids playing in the fountain, or simply find a quiet spot to think or cuddle up with your companion. Georgetown University is a delightfully old building with plenty of history, and you can rub shoulders with some pretentious students too if you like. There are some great pubs and restaurants in Georgetown too, and they’re all mostly very high-end places where you’re likely to meet many of the elite of Washington, maybe with one of our elite escorts by your side. It’s well worth a look, but you could spend an awful lot of time here!

The White House

Alright, you simply have to visit The White House, don’t you? It’d be like going to London and not visiting Buckingham Palace! The White House is the center of power in North America and the world as most people would agree. But putting all that power away for a second, it’s a very beautiful building, surrounded by lovely grounds. Now, the problem is, you know how security conscious those Americans are? Well, you have to book tours well in advance, and they can take up to three to four weeks to get organized (we can only assume that’s while the secret service looks into you!). Actually, our famous escort agency is able to organize the whole trip for you, but then you need to book as early as possible, please. On the other hand, you can go along to the visitor’s center even if you've booked last-minute, which in truth is very nice indeed. And at least you can say that you’ve been to The White House, even if you haven’t been inside!

the white house center of political power

Booking Washington escorts

So, Washington beckons you, and so to do the Washington escorts! Be very careful about booking an escort in Washington however. If you’re from out of town, it’s a good idea to do a little research for the most dependable agencies over there and to stay away from independent escorts. Of course, you could always book your Washington escorts from us. Have a look at all our girls, and you might just find some in the city already, or at least close by. Since we are an international escort agency, we can get escorts to you from anywhere in the world!

Enjoy the US capital with a Washington escort!

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