hot woman enjoys warm miami weather with escort client

It’s never cold in Miami

Warm Weather And Hot Miami Companions

In Miami, it's never cold!

Miami is always nice when it’s cold and wintry elsewhere in the world. It’s can quickly be in Miami if you’re already in the USA of course. Even for gentlemen who have to travel intercontinentally, there are affordable plane tickets from Europe for example. But the best thing is that you can have a Miami Escort 12 months per year!

Today we’re going to tell you about two of our favorite places to visit in Miami this winter. Remember that it's warm in Miami even during winter, so don’t panic. Escape to the sun, meet one of our Miami VIP companions and enjoy the Carribean climate Florida offers!

hot woman enjoys warm miami weather with escort client

The Forge

Despite the fact that there are plenty of dining experiences to be had in Miami, we’re going to tell you about a really classy cuisine experience. And you can be sure that when you’re dining out with Miami escorts from us, you want to invite them only to the best restaurants.

The Forge is, in more basic terms, a steakhouse. But it must be good when you consider some of the people who have dined there in the last century: Frank Sinatra, President Nixon to name just two of them. The food and the wine are nearly as opulent as the décor in the restaurant. We would definitely recommend that you book your table here as early as you can by the way.

Get to Little Havana

If you’ve ever been to Cuba before, you’ll recognize this place straight away because you’d think you’re there in many respects. This is especially so when it comes to the food. The cuisine is quintessentially Cuban in origin. You can even get tours that take you around all the great eating hotspots! Everything from the architecture to the smell of cigars is present here. The music and atmosphere will really knock you out and you’re sure to impress the travel escorts you have with you.

Besides, whatever else is happening in Miami, you can’t beat being able to walk on the beach in winter without freezing to death, can you? So if you’re in a cold part of the world, do yourself a favor. Book yourself a travel escort, and book yourself a holiday in Miami!