the strip in vegas

Visiting “The Strip” in Las Vegas with our travel companions

Visiting "The Strip" in Las Vegas

Enjoy Vegas with a travel escort!

Our female travel companions want to do something exciting, so you’d better read on and find out what we recommend for The Strip. Seriously, you’ll find our travel escorts very versatile actually, so you needn’t concern yourselves too much. Nonetheless, just make sure you take good care of them, they’re very precious creatures!

the strip in vegas

Elvis on "The Strip"

Obviously, you want to take a look down The Strip. You can’t go to Vegas and fail to! So, we suppose it’s a case of how stylish you want to do it, isn't it? Have you ever considered getting a private tour of Vegas in a Cadillac, accompanied by none other than Elvis Presley? Well, you actually can, and it’s a lot of fun! Elvis will not only be your guide, but he’ll also sing some of his hits as you cruise along The Strip!

The Bellagio Fountains

You have to see The Bellagio Fountains if you’ve never been to Vegas before. There are few more romantic and extravagant places to hang out with your VIP escort for free than at The Bellagio Fountains. It's even better if you’re staying at The Bellagio of course! Can you believe that the fountains actually dance to the music of Michael Jackson? Not to everyone’s taste we know, but there are other tunes too. We’re sure you and your Las Vegas escort will find one that you’ll find appropriate.

Hit the tables!

There’s nothing more exciting than placing a few bets as long as you gamble responsibly. Spending time with one of our international elite companions is arguably more exciting! It’s all rather glamorous, isn’t it? Spending time with a gorgeous, sophisticated young woman, while sipping cocktails in a dinner jacket and playing blackjack is living the Vegas dream for Christ’s sake!

Book your company from Travel-Escorts because you want it to be good. We’re not joking here. If you book any old Las Vegas escort, you may not get the experience you hope for. Always pick a reputable agency gentlemen.