escort enjoying her sri lanka holiday

When to visit Sri Lanka

When To Visit Sri Lanka

Want to be in the sun right now? It's possible!

We know that you’re all wishing you were in the sun right now, simply because it’s cold in various other parts of the world. So we thought we’d give you some hope! A little something to look forward to. Have you ever thought about taking one of our lovely travel escort companions to Sri Lanka on holiday? It’s a gorgeous place, and we’ve been there before, so we’re able to recommend when you should go.

escort enjoying her sri lanka holiday

The best time to go to Sri Lanka

No, don’t go during monsoon season, which is now by the way. It’ll still be fun and warm, and you will get quite a lot of sunshine, but you also risk getting caught in something not very nice at all. Wouldn’t it be better to go when you know the weather is going to be awesome? Unlike countries like the UK, the weather in many of these hot places is pretty predictable, so we’re able to guide you correctly.

The best time to go is between January and April. That's when the weather is the most reliable, it’s lovely and warm and not uncomfortable in the least. The reason we’re telling you about it in December is so you have enough time to book your holiday and your holiday companion. You wouldn’t want to experience a place as beautiful as Sri Lanka, with all those sandy beaches, without a bikini-clad stunner on your arm now, would you?

Book your holiday first gents!

If you want your winter sun, book it before you book your winter fun! There’s no point in wasting your own time and the time of your chosen companion by booking her first, only to have to cancel when you realize you can’t get the time you want for the holiday. We don’t mind cancellations of course, but they can be irritating if the girl you have chosen changed her own schedule only for you.

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