a value for money restaurant our high-class escorts like

Dining out on a budget in Venice

Top Value For Money Restaurants in Venice

You can spoil our escorts even in affordable restaurants!

Venice isn’t renowned for being a cheap place to visit! It’s a center for tourism, and it attracts thousands upon thousands of young and old lovers every year, each of them looking to have the romantic time of their life. Well, who said that a romantic dinner for two had to be expensive? We’re here to tell you that you can get just as much romance out of an affordable dinner date with a travel escort, as you can with a five-star restaurant blow out! There are plenty of value for money restaurants even in Venice!

a value for money restaurant our high-class escorts like

Our top budget dining options

  • Le Spighe – Via Garibaldi 1341. This is one of the healthiest places you could eat on a budget, by far the best value for money restaurant in Venice. Italian food isn’t renowned for being overly healthy, despite the Mediterranean influence of course. All that meat and pasta isn’t always a great mix when you serve it with gallons of wine! It’s simple, wholesome and affordable food that tastes great here. And you can even take it away as a picnic if you like.
  • Trattoria Dalla Marisa – Fondamenta di San Giobbe 652B. A nice little restaurant and bar where we highly recommend the lunchtime menu for around 15 Euros. This is great value when you see what you get. Plenty of meat and pasta, wine and coffee. In actual fact, if you have a high-class escort with a good appetite, you could both fill up here and skip dinner for a more intimate evening in your hotel!

Won't the high-class escorts mind?

As long as you are being reasonable and not feeding your escort a diet of snacks and nonsense like that, of course not. After all, like you, they love good food, even if it's in a budget or value for money restaurant. It's not about the price, it's about the quality, isn't it?

While they are incredibly high-class young ladies, they’re not snobby or above dining on a budget you know. We’re talking about sensitive and highly entertaining, professional escorts here. As long as you’re an entertaining person to be around and you give your companion as much time and attention as she is sure to give you, we assure you that you’ll have a marvelous time.

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