the best paris restaurants for dinners with escorts

Two of the most romantic restaurants in Paris

Best Restaurants Paris

Cuisine Tips from our Gorgeous Paris Escorts

How could an international escort agency not have an article about romantic dining in Paris? It just wouldn’t be right! We are lucky enough to know quite a lot about dining in many places across the globe. This does not make us restaurants critics. However, because we represent some of the classiest young companions in the world, our sources do have some authority.

If you are heading to Paris in the very near future, do take the time to read what our girls have to say about a couple of the restaurants there. We are not in the habit of telling you about the bad places to dine in Paris. This would be a redundant exercise since we are well aware the vast majority of our clients only dine in luxury restaurants, and there are very few of these places getting poor reviews!

Romantic restaurants in Paris

  • Buvette. Buvette is pretty much in the heart of Paris, this lovely restaurant is perfect for a light bite to eat at lunch, or a romantic dinner for two in the evening. A romantic dinner should be about the atmosphere and the comfortable surroundings, as much as it is about the food. Both are well and truly taken care of here. They do some wonderfully romantic “sharing platters,” and we have it on good authority that the crusty bread with walnut pesto is particularly good! Buvette comes highly recommended many of our escorts who have visited Paris.
  • Chez L’Ami. Booking is essential for Chez L’Ami. We think this is as much to with the clientele as it does with the food. You see, it’s always busy in this place. Full of Parisians, and international travelers, it’s the perfect place if you want a romantic dinner in a restaurant that has a buzzing atmosphere. Because despite the shouts from the kitchen and the vibrant atmosphere, you are always enabled to relax together with your companion. It’s surprising really!
the best paris restaurants for dinners with escorts

Paris escorts or international escorts?

Now, you might want to book a Paris escort while you’re in the city. Of course, this could be a local escort girl from the so-called City of Love. You can bet that they will already be familiar with the restaurants we have mentioned.

On the other hand, don’t forget that you can have just as much fun in Paris, if not more, with one of our international escorts. What you need to remember is that the girls we represent are well and truly used to traveling all over the world to be with their clients. Many are fluent in a number of languages. In particular, they’re all highly intelligent, very confident young women.

Sometimes it’s nice to find a young woman from somewhere else in the world, and meet her for a restaurant dinner in one of the most romantic places you could find. With our help of course!