burj khalifa highest building in the world

Two of the best experiences in Dubai at the moment

Best Two Experiences in Dubai Right Now

What's up in Dubai?

It’s not all restaurants, bars, clubs, beaches and fancy hotels in Dubai you know. You might think that this is all our travel escorts concern themselves with, but you’d be wrong. We’ve got some pretty adventurous girls on the books. So now we’re going to tell you about some of their favorite things in Dubai.

burj khalifa highest building in the world

Head in the clouds

Ever heard of Burj Khalifa? If you live in Dubai, or if you’ve ever been there, you’ll know that it’s the world’s tallest building. And what’s the first thing that springs to mind about the world’s tallest building? The view of course! The view is outstanding; you are literally in the clouds when you’re up there. We advise going for a visit to the very top when you’re in Dubai. A ticket will only cost you about 350 AED.

Adrenaline junkies

If you’re one of those types who simply have to live life to the max, you’re going to love this one. Some of our travel escorts are a little like this, and it’s not unusual to find them jumping off buildings, etc. Hence, you’ll have a great companion with whom you can go parachuting! Parachuting? We hear you ask. Yes, one thing you simply must do is parachute over The Palm. The Palm is the huge human-made beach complex in Dubai that’s in the shape of a palm tree of course. If you google it, you’ll find our loads more! You can book this in advance through Skydive Dubai.

Time to choose your companion

Now it’s time to discover which of our holiday escorts would be best to accompany you to Dubai or meet you there. The profiles on our website are pretty detailed, to tell the truth, but should you need any further information about any one of our girls, please feel free to contact us on the phone, and we’ll give you everything you need.

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