long distance flights between continents mean long travel time

Travel tips for those long haul flights

Travel Tips For Long Distance Flights

How to pass the time during intercontinental flights

No-one likes to travel long-distance when they’re going away. We all look forward to our final destination (well, hopefully!) but getting there is something we could do without. Being stuck in a place, even in business class, is no fun. It’s no fun for you, and no fun for our travel escorts. That's why we have a few tips to get you through this ordeal.

long distance flights between continents mean long travel time

The problem: Long trips make you feel exhausted

You see, we are aware that we tell you about places like Australia, and how you could be with a beautiful Australian travel escort for dinner, etc. or one of our travel companions of course. But we are acutely aware that a journey from London to Australia is around 20 hours long! So that’s a long time to be on the plane right, even if you do stop off for a business trip or escort date in Hong Kong or somewhere like that.

Long haul flight tips

So here are our top tips for making things a little more bearable:

  • Book your tickets as early as you can. This way you are far more likely to get the seats you like. That's another reason we prefer our clients to book our travel escorts as far in advance as possible. You want those girls to be comfortable and well-rested when they arrive to meet you right?
  • Prepare yourself. We’re talking about jetlag here. Get in a bit of practice by going to bed early and getting up at silly o’clock for a few days before you go. It’ll hit you a lot less hard when you get it, and you’ll also be plenty tired enough to sleep on the plane.
  • Handle your stress. Have a good meal before you set off to the airport and get there as early as you can to check in so that you don’t have to panic.
  • Bring the right accessories. Noise canceling headphones could be a blessing. You never know who you’ll get in the cabin with you, and it’s better to be prepared. An eye mask can also help you get some sleep. A travel pillow is a good idea if you can spare the room in your hand luggage; business class travelers won’t have to worry too much about this on some airlines of course.
  • Get your devices sorted before you go. Movies! Get some movies on your devices, preferably ones you haven’t seen before, and that can occupy a lot of your time. The average movie is a couple of hours right? Only 18 more hours to cover on your way to Australia!
  • Stay relaxed with a beer. Our travel companions wouldn’t usually advocate the use of alcohol to relax, but take advantage of it if you want to chill out and perhaps get some sleep. Having said that, don’t be an idiot with it. Sometimes it’s free on long flights, but if you abuse it, just remember that you have to spend a long time on the plane with those people!

Booking our travel escorts

No matter where you’re going, you can always book a travel escort from us. We can get a beautiful travel companion to you all over the world. You have no need to worry about your companion arriving happy and full of energy. These girls are well used to traveling all over the world!