Travel Girlfriend Angelina

Pretty lady with very natural looks

Angelina – a true travel girlfriend literally

Having a model join you on a trip may not be something you thought to be possible. But this dream of yours can come true with Angelina – our sexy travel girlfriend. Angelina is in fact a 26 year old professional model and actress. She is from London, but loves traveling. She loves to learn about new cultures and countries, and despite being educated in Britain she has worked in different areas and countries. So you can rest assured that she will make a great companion for your travelling. Angelina has many hobbies, including sports, dancing, styling, yoga, and she even sews lingerie. So you are going to have a lot to talk about, and to admire, as she will probably put on a couple of her lingerie creations for you to feast your eyes on. She is fun-loving but very professional.

Angelina loves to take care of her body. She works out and is a non-smoker. She has a well toned body and exquisite curves. 1m71 tall, with long wavy blonde hair and gorgeous blue almond shaped eyes, Angelina will leave you wide-eyed and breathless with her beauty. She has a genuine smile, a lovely character and is sensual and passionate in every way.

As a travel girlfriend, Angelina will help you have the time of your life, no matter if as one of the best London escorts or on your International travels. She loves exotic and unusual places, and she has a soft spot for beaches and sea views. But she will make a great travel girlfriend wherever you plan to go together.

An international top companion and girlfriend for the demanding gentleman

She has a great sense of style. She loves elegant, sexy dresses, but she knows how to adapt for any occasion or place. Be it a classy look, or a more casual one, Angelina is going to make a hot travel girlfriend. She will also have you have the time of your life in intimate privacy. She surely knows how to offer a great service, and her exquisite body and stunning features will help her to allure you all the more.

So what are you waiting for? By now your heart must have skipped a beat, simply by taking a look at this gorgeous girl through these photos. But you can get to enjoy her company and her awesome body in real life by simply contacting us now!

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