escort ski trip scotland

Travel escorts go skiing in Scotland

Our Escorts Go Skiing In Scotland

There are more Options than just the Alps for Ski Trips in Europe

Most people think about The Alps etc. when it comes to destinations for holidays with ski escorts, but Scotland has an awful lot more to offer than you might think. The Scottish ski resorts are fantastic, and the facilities are superb.

If you’re currently residing in the UK, it means you can enjoy a ski holiday without getting on a plane with all your gear. The only one who may have to take a flight in this situation is probably your travel companion if you book her to join you from another country. But that's her job and pleasure!

escort ski trip scotland

Our favorite Scottish skiing resorts

Nevis Range

Ben Nevis is a beautiful sight indeed. Many have hiked and camped in the area throughout the year. But it’s winter and snow around what makes this place absolutely amazing. The Nevis range is the perfect resort for those who are used to their European resorts and want to experience a difference. The terrain is quite challenging for the competent skier. Noteworthy, you’re going to get some very different views.

To get to the top of these challenging and fun slopes, you can quite easily hike up there if you’re reasonably fit; although there are lifts of course. Also, if you’re after polishing your skills a little, the instructors there are very friendly and offer some great workshops to work on your technique. Go between Feb-Mar if you want the best skiing, but don’t forget to book your ski trip escort in advance!


Cairngorm is great if you’re flying into Aberdeen. This is one of the less hectic resorts in Scotland. You’ll find a lot of families here where they can keep their kids on safer less busy slopes. The slow pace is actually really nice if you’re a couple looking for a romantic skiing holiday. What makes Cairngorm even more romantic and perfect for a travel escort ski holiday, is that it’s part of the national park too. The views are breathtaking and unspoiled.

We recommend the Alpine Lodge bar on site if you want to warm up after a session on the slopes and before you have dinner. There are some gorgeous bed and breakfast accommodations nearby too if you want to spread your wings a little and venture away from the resort. Altogether a really romantic, albeit cold, getaway for you and your ski bunny escort.

Your Scotland ski trip

So you see, there’s more to Scotland than you first believed perhaps? We are certain that there will be a queue of international escorts busting to come with you on a trip like this. Just make sure you check with us whether they can ski or not before you book them!