sunrise in the alpes

Travel Destinations Winter

Travel Destinations Winter

Top Travel Destinations for Snowy Winter Escapes

Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia

Fly north for the ultimate winter break to capture the mysterious, multicoloured light show of the northern lights. Nature’s heavenly lava lamp is best viewed in the snowy wilds of Canada or Alaska but many travel designers offer excellent breaks with vantage points in Iceland or northern Scandinavia. November is the best time of the year to catch these awe-inspiring light shows although if Christmas preparations prevent you from taking time out then February is also an optimal prime viewing time.

sunrise in the alpes

Escapes to Sunny Locations

Egypt: Cairo and the Red Sea

When most of the northern hemisphere is cloaked in the gloom of winter, escape the freeze with a trip to the birthplace of civilization. Egypt’s hot desert climate offers a welcome respite from the harsher conditions further north. Relax in a haven of tranquillity amid the bustle and noise of Cairo with nothing but your 5-star hotel location, stunning pyramid views and your glamorous and elite courtesan to keep you company. Baskin the glory of your companion’s beauty and allow her sincerity and genuine personality to shine.

Florida: Miami

Turn left at the Atlantic Ocean and you soon find the warm and welcoming weather in Miami. Stay with your escort at a luxury oceanfront property and wake to the sound of relentless waves crashing on the beach just yards away. Explore Miami’s amazing nightlife when the sun goes down. Stroll along palm-lined streets investigating all the luxury boutiques and artisan stalls. Miami has a wonderful choice of amazing restaurants with incredible views and they really know how to work it with terrace dining that compliments rather than competes with the evening view. Your view, however, across the table will be one of divine elegance and sophisticated glamor as you chat and discover intimate details with your Miami escort. She will be your professional girlfriend and her beauty will eclipse even the most engaging solar displays.


Paradise has to be the ultimate location in which to escape to during the winter. Maldives is the closest place we have on earth on the aptly named Summer Island. Arrive via speedboat feeling just like James Bond with your beautiful travel companion to revel in your no strings attached tryst. Relax with a perfectly blended cocktail and inhale the tranquil atmosphere from the terrace of your private suite. The exotic Indian ocean stretches in a topaz haze as far as the eye can see however you will only have eyes for your vibrant Maldives escort whom you are compelled to charm and intrigue with deserved compliments and genuine appreciation.

Well-bred Companions for all Winter Vacations

Winter does not have to signal a virtual hibernation from everything that life has to offer. Cast away the shroud of gloom and let your imagination roam free. Where will your next winter adventure take you and which of our genuinely glamorous and effortlessly chic travel escort women will accompany you. Lavish locations and unadulterated luxury all create the perfect conditions for a private chemistry of explosive proportions. The mystery ingredient is the independent and free-spirited beauty with the effervescent personality that you find utterly captivating. You will find her at Travel-Escorts, no matter if for a city trip to Miami or a relaxing holiday to Dubai.