curious san diego escorts want to show you the hotspots

Exciting Tourist Spots in San Diego

San Diego Tourist Spots

You can have a San Diego Escort all-year!

Ron Burgundy would have you believing that San Diego is “classy” and you know what? He’s right! Today we’re going to look at some classy things to do with San Diego escorts when you book them from us. The girls we represent all over the world are incredibly talented young women and they’ve also seen a lot of places.

However, they still appreciate a man who knows how to take the lead when it comes to excursions and dinner plans. Here are they, our latest proposals for activities with your San Diego companion!

curious san diego escorts want to show you the hotspots

USS Midway: Get a little military with your escort

The USA is steeped in military history, and it doesn’t matter where you go. However, one of the main features in San Diego is the USS Midway. This marvelous aircraft carrier was the longest serving in US Naval history. These days it’s just a museum, but it’s a place certainly worth visiting. There’s a great tour and you can have an audio commentary by those who actually sailed on The Midway! Your travel companion will be interested in the whole “Navy thing,” especially the flight simulator on the deck. You can impress her with your Top Gun flight skills!

Whale watching

Not many people know San Diego to be a whale watching hotspot, but it is. Take a trip out on a boat and see these magnificent creatures in action. You’re practically guaranteed to see them all year according to some of our San Diego escorts. It’ll cost you around 50 bucks to go out watching, but if you go on a Tue or Thu, you can get two for one! Who says we don’t know where the bargains are?

Escorts for your San Diego trip

There’s always more to San Diego than meets the eye if you’re prepared to look for it. You can find out more in our San Diego escorts guide. In the guide, we’ve mentioned a few hotels and restaurants that our companions recommend, as well as some of the better attractions.