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Our top choices for Manchester Hotels

Hippest Places To Stay In Manchester

Manchester, the London of the North of England

Manchester is like the London of the North in many respects. There’s always something to do in Manchester, and if you’ve got money to spare you can really stay in style. So, rather than just any hotels, we thought we’d cater to those of you with a little higher budget and tell you about the really classy places you could be staying. After all, you’re in Manchester looking for high class travel companions, so we are certain you’ll want to invite them to join you in only the best hotels.

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Where to stay in Manchester

  • Great John Street Hotel – Great John Street. A luxury choice for those of you staying in Manchester, who want to stay in style. We strongly recommend the boudoir grand rooms. The reason is that they’re very cozy, yet very grand in a strange way; lots of individual features and very inviting. We have to say that the bar in the Great John Street Hotel is something; visually stunning and very modern in appearance, while maintaining that old schoolhouse feel. This hotel is a lovely open place to meet up with your companion. Nonetheless, there are enough quiet spaces for that more intimate evening.
  • The Palace Aparthotel. Another modern hotel for you here. Cheaper than the one above, but with no less features. It’s more for the business customer in our opinion and without the little extras. Good food, ideal for functions and conventions too, but the best of all is the penthouse if you can afford it! And don’t forget to have some awesome company with you if you’re staying in it!

Try The Royal Exchange Theatre for entertainment

If you’re staying in Manchester and you have time to spare in the evening, you might want to catch a show. The Royal Exchange Theatre have some remarkable productions on, and it is an impressive building. You can take a look at what’s on at the moment by clicking the link, and don’t forget to book two tickets if you’re booking a travel escort or Manchester escort!