a delicious breakfast in london

Top breakfasts in London

Enjoy A Breakfast in London - With Our Escorts!

Delicious Food in the Morning

London is a city that comes to life at night, and even more so now that the Night Tube has been rolled out. However, it’s the morning after we’re going to concern ourselves with today. We introduce you to three of the best breakfasts in London. You can go alone, or if you’re staying with one of our lovely travel companions, we’re sure she’d enjoy the girlfriend experience too!

a delicious breakfast in london

Our top three London breakfasts

So, if you don't want to have breakfast in your hotel, or have it delivered to your room, let’s take a look at the best places for having breakfast in London. Doctors often tell us that the first meal of the day is crucial for the whole day. Furthermore, it’s nice to get some fresh air after a night out with your London escort. So here is our list of top breakfasts in London:

  • Bad Egg – City Point 1, Ropemaker Street. No, it’s nothing to do with bad eggs, don’t worry! Emphasis is on eggs, however. Not a bad thing considering they’re packed with protein and give you energy for the rest of your morning. You can get just about any eggs you want here and will be surprised at how many ways you can get them! Bad Egg do offer other breakfast stalwarts too of course, including sandwiches, burgers and the regular sort of stuff. It’s a great place, so give it a go.
  • Balthazar – 4-6 Russell Street. A relatively inexpensive place to have breakfast, but no less classy when you get there. They have a lovely selection too, but our particular favorite is their American pancakes with maple syrup. They’re delicious with bananas. You can also have the regular sort of breakfasts too, including the Full English variety.
  • Beany Green – Broadgate Circle. Breakfast is an all-day event at Beany Green, so it’s the perfect place if you and your companion decide to lay in extra late. You can have the unconventional type of breakfast here. Although it’s all available to you, you can also have the choice of other selections, such as banana bread sandwiches with mascarpone cheese, berries, and almonds. To die for!

So make your breakfast in London as big an affair as your international escort booking. Have breakfast in style with our escorts for breakfast!