beautiful females with purchases in front of luxury boutique

Where to take your travel escort shopping

Where To Take Your Travel Escort Shopping

Famous destinations for luxury shopping

Now, if money were indeed no object, you’d be able to read our little blog and do practically everything we suggest, wouldn’t you? And wouldn’t that be an excellent thing? However, money isn’t much of an object for many of you. So we thought it might be a good idea to tell you about the best places for shopping from all over the world. At least this way, if you are struggling to decide on a destination to meet up with one of our holiday escorts, you can pick one they’re going to adore!

beautiful females with purchases in front of luxury boutique

Shopping is a girl's best friend

It’s not diamonds at all, although shopping for diamonds more than likely is! Here’s a list of our top places to go shopping in the world today.

  • Paris – Regarding fashion, this has to rank near the top!
  • Milan – Again, a travel escort’s dream. Milan is a mecca for fashionistas!
  • Hong Kong – Tai Ping Shan Street is one of the best streets in the world for boutique designer shops.
  • Singapore – Singapore has become massive in the luxury market these days.
  • Las Vegas – It isn’t one that you’d usually see on a list like this, but our girls ranked it up there. Apparently, they have some great independent boutiques.

Five of the best

So there you have it, five of the world’s top shopping destinations, according to a travel escort. So if you are the type of man who loves to indulge a lovely lady, book a flight to one of these destinations the next chance you get. If you want company during your trip, give us a call, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements. Thus you can even have your favorite holiday companion join you in your home city first and jet off with you. We’ll take care of all the arrangements and tell you when to book your tickets (remember that you’ll need two if this is the case!)