a tour through south miami

First time in Miami? Take a tour

First Time In Miami? Take A Tour!

A tour allows you to visit all hotspots at once

So many people are quick to say that tours are just for tourists and that they’re not very good, but they’d be very wrong indeed. If it’s your first visit to Miami, whether you’re in Miami with an escort who has been before or not, a tour is the best way of seeing as much as you can in a short space of time.

In our opinion, a tour allows you to get all the hotspots spotted, so to speak, so that you can return to them if you’re particularly impressed. Besides, there are different tours on offer in Miami,  and they all offer a different experience. So don’t listen to those negative types that tell you all the bad things about taking a tour. Even if there are a few boring places on your tour, it’s hardly taking up too much of your time, is it? We’ve had a little look at which we consider to be the very best.

a tour through south miami

Culinary tours

It still amazes us to find out that only a few people consider Miami to be a center for foodies. With the Cuban influence and Caribbean fusion that’s so engrained into Miami culture these days, you’d be hard pushed to find a more enjoyable culinary city on the east coast. Miami Culinary Tours travel through different regions in Miami, stopping off to taste the cuisine. You get to see the sights and sample the food too. It's a great way of finding a nice restaurant to take your travel escort to dinner later that night!

Experience the Everglades!

Watch out for the crocs! The Everglades is a huge national park, as some of you will already know. We do recommend taking one of the in-depth tours in this place. One that takes in a bit of hiking and also a bit of kayaking is preferred. The wildlife is very unique indeed, but make sure you don’t wander too far from your guide, those crocs and gators would love to snack on you!

Time to choose your companion

Not synonymous with Miami by any means, but then you’ll find ghost tours (ghostgrove.com for Miami) in most major cities. This one has been recommended to us by one of the Miami Escorts we represent. After all, she loves it, and she’d happily go again. Indeed, our escorts can go on (almost) any tour with you! It all takes place in Coconut Grove, which as some of you are aware, is a renowned supernatural site. It’s not only quite spooky, but you might even pick up a little of the local history too. It's a sure way to get your escort to cling to you a little bit tighter!

Have fun in Miami!