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Take your London date on an autumn walk

Take Your London Date On A Walk

Local London Escorts or Travel Escorts?

Whether she’s a London escort, a travel escort from elsewhere, or even a regular woman you’ve met through mainstream contact, taking a walk in London can be a very romantic idea. We all love a little romance, don’t we? We’ve taken the time to think about what might interest you and your date, and we’ve come up with a great romantic walk for you to try.

A walk to the London Eye will be an unforgettable experience for you and your escort.

Borough Market to Southbank

There are plenty of places to call at along this route through London. And this is really useful if you’ve booked a girl from out of town to be staying with you in London. You really do want to make all the time count in London, and there’s only so much time you can spend in a hotel room. In London, you’ll be around plenty of people, but you’ll be together, hopefully holding hands! Finding interesting spots will be easy. To begin with, Borough Market is a great place for street food, and other nice treats. When you have the opportunity to eat with your escort, it really does break the ice, and everyone loves good food!

There are plenty of good pubs and restaurants in London too. In fact, you can take a whole day over this walk if you stop off for lunch and drinks. Going on towards Southbank, you can spot The Globe Theatre, and we particularly like the idea of the book fair beneath Waterloo Bridge. At the end of your walk, why not take a spin on The London Eye? Even an exclusive escort who resides in London couldn’t resist a date like this!

Walking with travel escorts

London escorts may well be used to these sort of walks, simply because they do them all the time as they go about their day. However, if you book a travel companion to come to meet you in London, she’s going to be really impressed. She’ll be extra impressed if she’s never been to London before! Imagine that.

Getting the opportunity to show a beautiful young woman around London could be just the thing you need.