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Cover up in the sun gentlemen!

How To Protect Your Skin Against The Summer Sun

Summer, Suntan, Elegancy?

Protecting your skin against the sun is more important than ever these days. However, it doesn’t seem to matter how much you tell some people; they simply don’t get the message.

Suntan obsessions

Everyone is so obsessed with their suntan these days. Looking bronze and gorgeous shouldn’t take over, though, should it? Which is why we’re just posting this friendly reminder to everyone we know who is jetting off to a sunny location this summer. Please look after your skin!

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Even international escorts look after their skin

They really look after their skins, gentlemen! When so many of these wonderful companions are actually international models too, it should come as no surprise to you. What could be worse than a sunburned underwear or bikini model? Just doesn’t work for being a model, or indeed an international escort! Besides, there are so many ways to get your body nice and tanned these days. There’s simply no reason to burn it under the sun.

Our basic protection tips for summer travelers

  • Make it short. If you insist on being in the sun, be in it for short periods of time. Laying in the sun all day long will harm you considerably, regardless of what protection you have.
  • Wear a hat. We are certain that all you jet setters have excellent style, so you’re likely to have a pretty cool hat you can put on your head when you’re in the sun. Perhaps a nice fedora or a Panama?
  • Put on the sun cream. You might not like the smell or even the texture of sun cream, but you soon get used to it. Just wear it!
  • Wear cool clothes. Light colors that reflect the heat are recommended. Also choose fabrics that are light and cool, such as linen. It will give you a good excuse to get to your tailor and have a couple of linen suits ordered!
  • Drink water. It is vital to stay hydrated in the summer heat, particularly if you are sunning it up in a hot country. And do try to be careful with the booze, because it will dehydrate you when you don’t even realize it!

You see, who said we don’t care about our clients! We hope you have a wonderful time, whatever you choose to do in the sun this year, maybe even with our escorts for summer holidays.