sporty travel escort at beach in seychelles

Book your winter sun break 2017

Sun breaks winter season 2017

Have you booked your winter vacation?

Haven't you? Well, for what are you waiting? It really shouldn’t take you having to put your central heating on all day and night to make you leave the country if you can afford to! If you’ve got cash, spend it and go somewhere warm, you only live once, make it a great existence and be happy! Our travel ladies can help you out here, of course. So do feel free to browse the escort girls who are available.

sporty travel escort at beach in seychelles

Rio de Janeiro

If you didn’t get over to the games, then now is a good time to book. It’s enjoying a boost to the economy at the moment, and you can expect some good results when it comes to tourism. People from all over the world will be booking to go here in February however, so if this is your window of opportunity, get it booked now! That's because of Mardi Gras of course. If you’ve got plenty of money, book yourself into a luxury hotel as close to the action as you can get. If you’ve never been to Mardi Gras (5-9th February), then you’re in for a real treat!


A beautiful stretch of islands in the Indian Ocean that offers you an environment of peace and tranquillity, tinged with all the luxury you could ask for (depending of course where you stay!). Most people choose this destination for their honeymoon or another romantic break with their partner, but there’s no one stopping you heading out there with a stunning young Seychelles escort now is there?


Gambia is in West Africa. Tourists don't choose it often as a winter sun destination. However, we have it on excellent authority that the weather here is consistently hot, and the beaches are marvelous. It’s certainly a well-kept secret, and you’re likely to find as much privacy as you want. Luxury options are available if you search for them, and the locals are very welcoming to tourists. Incredible views and traditional ways of life to be enjoyed here.

There may be less choice of travel escorts

Since you’re leaving it quite late to book your winter sun break, you may find that some of the girls aren't available anymore. We do apologize for this, but we prefer to introduce our clients only to a few select escorts the world has to offer! When you do book one of them, make sure you book them for the entire duration of your stay and make it a long break. This way you’ll get the full advantage of having one of the most beautiful women in the world at your side. Just think about that bikini!