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My Skiing Vacation to Val d’Isère

From A VIP Escorts Skiing Vacation In Val D'Isère

Julia's unforgettable ski weekend in the French Alps

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My latest diary: Skiing with a client

I have a habit of writing a diary, not novels, but just those little things which I want to remember. So after my morning joy, for this year I gifted myself a break from my busy-busy schedule – a skiing vacation in Val d’ Isère. For a change, I planned on giving some happiness to myself instead of thinking about others.

So coming back to Val d’ Isère, this will be my third visit to this place. Not because it is near to the Italy border and will be easy for me to travel, but the breathtaking beauty it bestows. And how can I ever avoid going on an adventure? I always look for adding some spice to life – and I love skiing!

Enjoying the mystery of the Alps

Whenever it comes to mountain and snow, I haven’t thought much about romance or the sweet melody of love carried by winds. Rather I feel that there is some serene mystery about the Alps which can be explored with the joy of skiing.

The slopes, downhill, ski jumping, everything about it, somehow makes me relate to my life.

A day of smooth snow

I am a confident skier. My first few trysts with skiing almost a year back put me right on track. It’s just like surfing I’ve heard – you know it when you know it.

Date: 10/ 11/ 2014 - “Today I tried skiing in Val d'Isère for the first time. It was quite interesting; partly because my trainer is extremely cute with hazel eyes to die for. So after my first try, he mentioned something like - ‘You’re a natural miss, you glide pretty well.’ And tonight I showed him how to take a smooth leap for a perfect glide. He splashed quite some ‘white slippery snow’ on me. Skiing is fun!”

So while I was about to go, I sat and stared at my bag, like every other time it was one luggage, one ticket, and one person for my skiing vacation to Tarentaise Valley. But, a sudden silence of solitude grasped me.

Why I work as a ski escort

The next thing I did was that I called my friend and asked for the company details she was talking about a few days back. She did say its name, though – Travel Escorts. It sounded interesting, as trying new things and exploring new places is all that I find worthwhile. I am an outgoing woman and I am up for anything that seems worth a try. So I tried to be a ski escort and I never regretted it!

julia and the client skiing on the piste

My call to adventure

I called them up a bit reluctantly at first. The elite escort agency wanted to know more about me, so I gave them a complete profile. Surprisingly, they fixed a meeting within a week. I was to meet some guy whom I don’t know, and this idea was very intriguing to me. Sometimes the feeling of mysterious unknown is far more satisfying.

I reached to the café and waited there for a bit. I was expecting some college goer or may be an aged man, but to my surprise, I saw quite an eyeful. I smiled back and introduced myself, so did he. He was the CEO of an IT firm. I was quite happy to see such an interesting prospect. My inner goddess took a twirl of joy!

Putting the Val d'Isère plan into action

There, while talking, I got to know that he was also thinking about taking a break from his schedule and is quite an adventurer himself. And I decided straight away on taking him for a skiing vacation in Val d’ Isère. Our tickets were booked for December 20 so off we went!

The next morning he came to pick me up. What I saw was two bags of luggage, two tickets and two people heading together to the French Alps. Needless to say, I found myself going on a quaint adventure with quite a handsome man. And I was excited.

Skiing Vacation in Val d’Isère - with a Client!

This was the best ski trip I ever had. Starting from the time we landed, the day was not ‘usual’ at all. First, we headed to one of the best hotels, and it was ceremoniously pre-booked. The suite had a perfectly cozy décor. For the first time, I could relate the mountains, snow, a mystique and a sheer unrelenting excitement for the days ahead.

My partner, Mr. CEO went to freshen up. As I was waiting inside the room, pouring some hot chocolate, I saw him walking towards me. Water dripping from this hair and the room suddenly seemed to warm up. He wrapped his arm around my waist, and I melted like that marshmallow inside the hot chocolate.

I instantly knew this four-day trip of mine will fill quite a few pages of my diary with the color white and a few other ones thrown in. A perfect VIP Escorts skiing vacation in Val d’ Isère.

The unforgettable excitement and experience of wintersports

We started preparing for our first ski. Like a caring gentleman, he rubbed sun protection on me and helped to get dressed. I always had an inkling that stripping was arousing, but he showed me that dressing up was way more interesting than taking apparels off. We found the perfect piste for us. The wealthy client helped me to put on my skiing helmet, zipped up my jacket and helped me to put on the ski boots.

As I walked out of the hotel, holding hands, I was pretty excited to show him my gliding and sliding skills. Here, we were going for alpine skiing; or downhill skiing as some might say. And I love the rush of adrenaline, the extremities. You don’t need years of practice, but once you get the feel of it, well, you’ll never forget it. We all know a good experience is worth repeating as it only gets better. Though a first-timer on snow, the gentleman did a pretty god job! Like me, I am sure even he is a natural ski talent.

julia in val d'isère

Ski Resort for Creating some of the best Memories

We got to know about the ski package offered at the resort where one can try snowboarding at night. It was something very exciting, and I really wanted to try doing it. But I didn’t want to change the plan so; I let it go there and headed back to the hotel.

In the Après-ski bar, it suddenly got romantic

There we planned to go to an Après-ski bar; our cordial hotel manager recommended the place. And it was simply breathtaking. From the ambiance to the décor, everything was just perfect to bring two minds together. We clinked our wine glasses. And the way he looked at me, stirred something deep within and I knew what was coming. Even in the cold, I was getting wet with heat. And that night, well, both of us slept quite late in.

All I did was thank the ski escort agency for giving me the moments of absolute satisfaction in the form of a perfect company.  But more was waiting for me that night of my skiing vacation.

Coming out from Après-ski bar, I noticed that we didn’t take the way back to the hotel. The next thing that I saw was nothing less than the perfect surprise in the middle of the serene snowy mountain; we made our way to the ski chalet. I love surprises, and my companion arranged a perfect one.

My client was a classy gentleman!

I was overwhelmed to realize that this person was attentive to my secret wantons. There we enjoyed each other’s company and added quite a few memorable moments to an already unforgettable trip. The ski package took care of the safety. They gave us ski masks, helmet, all required gadget for safety. And my client gave me the best memories of my skiing vacation in Val d'Isère.

I was pampered, from the first moment to the last – what else can a girl want! I had my own space to be experimental, starting from cuisine to dressing and while undressing too. I must say, this was more than a beautiful journey.

me during my ski trip with a wealthy client

Wanderlust: A new Way to travel for beautiful Women

My desire for traveling was taken to a different level with exploring the place and each other amidst the snow, sharing each other’s warmth. These four days in the Savoie department were spontaneous, beautiful and amazing.

It’s been a year now that I am working as a VIP escort and being very honest, I find this new addendum to my life exhilarating. Giving me the opportunity to explore the unknown with wealthy clients, joining the travel escort agency has changed my life.

I can travel when and where I want at my will. I meet suave and often quite famous personalities to go on skiing vacations and more, knowing that everything is and will be perfectly coordinated. All I have to do is have a whale of a time.

Finding the perfect partner

I still recall my first trip to the French Alps. The level of comfort I shared with him was because of the compatibility between us. And the organizers wanted my first tryst as a companion for winter sports to be as charming and exciting as possible. They got me a perfect match, and from there on, I never looked back. I often liaise as an occasional escort.

Since my skiing vacation in Val d'Isère, I have visited many ski resorts, and I always had a great time. I’m quite sure you will too. The key to a perfect vacation is simply the urge to make the best out of it.

With my escort agency managing every single detail, all I have to do is enjoy with my companion, no matter what kind of trip it will be.


By the way, I do enjoy city breaks too! And guess what, tomorrow I am leaving for Las Vegas.

Hope to meet you soon, guys!