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Welcome to Seattle

When someone asks you about Seattle, you’ll probably call to mind: Amazon, Frasier or Kurt Cobain! Seattle is much more than what you’ve seen or heard through popular culture, however. It’s not just “city life” that you have on offer here: There are acres and acres of parkland, mountain ranges and lush forests to explore, not to mention the west coast. Starbucks Coffee and music are indeed important influencers in Seattle, but it’s also a very busy industrial, commercial and cosmopolitan city, home to Microsoft and other tech companies. And, of course, there are our Seattle Escorts, beautiful females who hope to meet real gentlemen!

There are countless things to visit and “tick off” your list when you’re staying in Seattle. The Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the Great Wheel, The Museum of Flight, Kerry Park; we could go on and on, but perhaps you’d like to read our Seattle escorts guide to the city. This way our escort agency can introduce you to some places that are perfect to spend time with a Seattle elite companion. You can learn more about Seattle’s history on Wikipedia.

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Staying in Seattle

Staying in Seattle? Yet to decide where? Well, allow us to introduce you to our favorite escort-friendly Seattle hotels. All the worldwide girls we know who have spent time in Seattle, have all commented on the quality and service of these places.

  • Four Seasons – World-renowned for quality, of course! The Four Seasons in Seattle is one of the best places you could choose to stay. It’s pricey, but you will certainly know where the extra money has been spent. In much the same way as you’ll notice the quality of a Seattle escort booked from us! All the usual features you would expect from a high-class hotel are present here, including marble bathroom suites, DVD players, Wi-Fi, etc. Bt the suites offer fantastic views if you choose to upgrade. Don’t forget to check out the rooftop pool with your beautiful companion!
  • Silver Cloud Hotel – The Silver Cloud Hotel is another great place to say and has become somewhat iconic in the city. It’s not as expensive as the Four Seasons, but it has got a pretty good array of luxuries for the price! The rooms here have all the main features of a hotel room, but they have microwave ovens, fridges and coffee makers too. So they are a home from home. Thus allowing you to spend even more time in private with your Seattle escort should you wish! The rooftop bar is a lovely place to hang out too, and the gym facilities are excellent, so we’re told!

Our Seattle Tourist Recommendations

You can’t come to Seattle without indulging in a few of the city’s famous landmarks and tourist hot spots. So we’ve given you three of our favorites. These are certainly going to go down well with your travel escort if she’s coming from out of town.

Pike Place Market

All the girls like shopping right? Well, we know that Seattle escorts do anyway! Pike Place Market is one of the USA’s most popular markets. It’s an arts and craft fan’s dream come true, not to mention all the foodies that flock there all year round. The seasonal fresh produce is delightful (just looking at it is enough to make you hungry). There are some marvelous places to eat around the market too, and you can even get a tour that tells you about the history of this place – one of Seattle’s most iconic local attractions. Have a walk around with your Seattle escort and treat her to something nice!

Visit one of Seattle’s many museums

Seattle has a hell of a lot of museums to check out. You’d need a week or more to get a good look at all of them. So if history, art, and exhibits are your thing, be sure to have a look. There’s an excellent list of all the museums over on the visitseattle.org website. Our Seattle escorts particularly enjoy the Science Centre and the Museum of Asian Art (just the building is enough to warrant a look!).

The Space Needle

Yes, we had to put the Space Need in there, didn’t we? It’s another iconic feature on Seattle’s skyline that you simply have to interact with. If you’re booking an elite escort from out of town to spend time with you in the city, she’s sure to want to experience it too of course. At the top you can have a nice romantic dinner with your Seattle escort, should you wish. You can also enjoy glorious views of Seattle, Mount Rainier, and the Cascade Mountains, to name only a few sights!

picture of seattle shot by one of our escorts

Our Seattle Escorts' favorite Places

We happen to know Seattle quite well and we have a couple of recommendations for you based on the knowledge and experience of our very own Seattle Escorts. You won’t find these places in a regular Seattle tour guide, but they’re certainly places you should consider checking out.

  • Third Place Books – You might think it’s just a bookstore from the outside. Indeed, it's a nice, quaint bookstore. However, downstairs is where it’s all happening. The intelligentsia of Seattle may be browsing books upstairs, but when they’re done, they like to let their hair down. In the basement, there’s a bar that has excellent live music and very good food. Make sure you take your Seattle escort down there and surprise her!
  • Kremwerk – The locals call Kremwerk a “futuristic bunker” and they’re not entirely wrong. When you go down there, you do indeed get that impression, but it's just half of the appeal. The other half of their appeal is the fantastic stand-up comedy acts and burlesque they put on regularly. It’s a dance club predominantly, but it’s also a great social hangout and the place to take your Seattle escort for a night out!
our escort agency offers high class female companions for seattle

Booking Seattle Escorts

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