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Welcome to San Diego

It’s the city where Ron Burgundy tells you to “Stay Classy!” San Diego really is a classy city in actual fact, and we’re going to show you just how classy it can be with an elite San Diego escort. There are the usual destinations, and these shouldn’t be scoffed at of course. The San Diego Zoo offers a wonderful day out, perhaps with a San Diego escort? Various museums and gardens, studios and galleries are all open to the public, but the bar and restaurant scene is really quite “happening,” if that’s not a too dated word to use. We have detailed a couple of our favorite restaurants below for your convenience, and we strongly urge you to try them.


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We like San Diego because it offers everything. You’ve got the beach culture for those who like the surf and wearing shorts all day, alongside the business and bar culture downtown. Whether you live or work in San Diego, or whether you’re staying on business or on vacation, we know that we can have one of our travel escorts join you for dinner at one of the places we mention below. Or perhaps you’d like them to stay with you in a luxury hotel? Have a lovely time in San Diego, and remember, “stay classy!”

san diego escorts enjoy a day at mission beach

Staying in San Diego

San Diego has loads of attractions to visit, and most of the best hotels are nearby, so we’ve taken this into consideration too, whilst recommending our top choices. Your stay will be significantly amplified by booking San Diego escorts of course, but don’t be tempted to book just any escort in the city, make sure that you pick a really good escort agency. If you’re considering booking from out of town, then you should surely consider using us! It’s worth noting here that the hotels we recommend are both “escort friendly”, so to speak.

  • Fairmont Grand Del Mar - 5300 Grand Del Mar. A very fine hotel indeed, and entirely befitting a gentleman of your standards. And of course, with a hotel like this, you can expect a heavy price tag. It’s not cheap, but you get everything and more. Rooms and suites with terraces, private villa availability, heated pools, spa facilities and even tennis courts are also available to guests at the Fairmont. One of our San Diego escorts loved the fact that the hotel also put on guided hikes (included in the price), and the fact that there’s a great nightclub onsite too! You could literally stay here for the duration of your time away!
  • Manchester Grand Hyatt – Market Place. Grandeur and luxury abound yet again with this hotel. The Hyatt group specialize in luxury hotels anyway, so you’d expect something pretty spectacular wouldn’t you? The Manchester Grand Hyatt sits next to a great shopping centre, and it also overlooks San Diego Bay, where you can expect some wonderful views. There are lots of perks if you’re a club member, including free breakfasts. The suites are about as good as they get at this price level in San Diego, and we have it on very good authority that the décor and furnishings in them are of a very high standard and tastefully chosen. There’s a great rooftop bar (and it’s pretty high up!) and the restaurant overlooks the bay too; a really romantic spot to have dinner with an escort, or whoever else you choose to stay there with. Highly recommended!

Dining in San Diego

With a busty tourist trade, and a buzzing centre of business, San Diego has to have a lot of choice when it comes to restaurants and bars. It’s really becoming a west coast mecca for foodies in many respects, with world famous chefs setting up camp here and making San Diego their home. You can get just about any type of cuisine you want in San Diego, it’s a very cosmopolitan city when it comes to food. Here are our two top choices for dining out with San Diego escorts.

  • Oceana Coastal Kitchen - 3999 Mission Boulevard. Oceana Coastal Kitchen is indeed a coastal restaurant, with wonderful views over the bay. We strongly recommend that you dine with your San Diego escort at night when the sun has gone down. This will allow you to take in the lights of the city across the water. It’s very romantic, and the tables aren’t all jammed together too tightly, so you have plenty of room for flirting and fun! Obviously the seafood is good here, but pretty much everything our girls tried from the menu was up to their standard; and they have high standards!
  • Juniper and Ivy - 2228 Kettner Boulevard. Juniper and Ivy is a very open style restaurant, with lots of space. The décor mixes traditional wood designs and contemporary, quite colorful artwork on the walls, and it’s all rather pleasing. It’s certainly a very original eating space. The wine list is good, and the waiting staff seem to have been educated about it too, which makes a refreshing change. When it comes to eating, our San Diego companion recommended that you try as many of the small plates as you can, just to get a nice introduction to the cuisine there. She was particularly fond of the heirloom pumpkin and the sweet potato gnocchi.

Our San Diego recommendations

It’s a jewel in the crown of California, and San Diego really makes you remember that fact. There are so many things to do in this fine city that it becomes incredibly difficult to pick just two of them. However, after careful consideration and discussion with some of the finest holiday escorts we represent, we’ve got two “must see” attractions for you.

Balboa Park Gardens

It’s a thing of beauty. Much the same as the young lady you’re more than likely going to be spending time with. It’s not all about restaurants and bars with your San Diego escort you know, there’s nothing wrong with a walk in the park! Balboa Park has some lovely gardens, a canyon filled with different types of palm trees, rose gardens, desert gardens and more. If you’re into botany in any way at all you’re going to appreciate it the most because all the rich history of the park is covered at the visitor’s centre. We just love the pretty plants and flowers!

San Diego Zoo

It’s not just for kids! Why is it that people always think that zoos are for kids? This is an excellent place to take a date when you’re trying to impress her. Have a stroll through the zoo, have a laugh at the monkeys scratching their behinds etc. you get the picture we’re sure. Seriously though, you could spend the entire weekend here and still hardly see everything, it’s the biggest in California by far. We would strongly urge you to get one of the many guided bus tours around the zoo. At least that way you’re likely to see a large chunk of it and find some favorite areas.

san diego zoo housing more than 650 species

Booking San Diego escorts

San Diego is indeed incredibly classy, so you’ll be wanting some high class San Diego escorts to go out with of course. We are the leading provider of vacation escorts in the world today, with a rapidly expanding database of escorts from all over the world, we’re able to get your favorite to you quicker than you’d imagine, and in just the right frame of mind to entertain!

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elite escort vacation in sd california