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Welcome to Sacramento

If ever there was going to be a capital of California it has to be Sacramento. It’s actually surprising how many people think that the capital of California is LA really. Not those in the US of course, they’re far more knowledgeable, and so they should be. We’re going to introduce you to a few of our recommendations in Sacramento, based on places our Sacramento escorts have been, and things they have done. As you can imagine, an article like this could go on for a long time, so we have made an extra special effort to keep it as short as possible by only telling you about the best bits.

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Sacramento has come a long way since the “Gold Rush” age, but it’s still a massively successful city, built on these foundations. It’s steeped in American history, and you can indulge in some of this at one of the many museums in the city: California State Railroad Museum, California State Capital Museum, or perhaps the Californian Automobile Museum. Each one charts absolute determination and good old fashioned American expansion. Whether it’s the history you like, or the modern boutiques, loft apartments and craft beers you’re after sampling, you’re going to enjoy Sacramento. Mainly because those who live here already do! Don’t forget to book yourself a Sacramento escort, there’s nothing like a good companion when you’re travelling!

one of our attractive sacramento escorts enjoying her city break in california

Staying in Sacramento

Sacramento has so many hotel choices, it’s virtually impossible to choose just two of them. But we said we were going to tell you about the best of the best in our opinion, so here goes. The hotels that follow have been host to some of very fine Sacramento escorts in the past, and these stunning young women have been kind enough to recommend them. When you get a recommendation from an escort, you take it! Well, when it comes to hotels, bars and restaurants that is!

  • The Westin Sacramento - 4800 Riverside Boulevard. Rooms are top notch here, and we really mean it. The suites are even better of course, with fireplaces, separate rooms and whirlpool baths etc. There’s a great seafood restaurant if you fancy eating in with your Sacramento escort, but you’re right in the middle of things if you want to go out and about. Close to Sacramento Zoo, which is well worth a visit too.
  • The Citizen Hotel - 926 J Street. We love The Citizen is a hotel that offers a lovely degree of individuality. All rooms are decorated and furnished uniquely, with everything you are likely to need and more. Flat screen TVs etc. are all pretty standard here, but this isn’t what warrants a mention. The bathrooms come highly recommended by our Sacramento escorts, mainly because they’re so beautiful. They’re done out very meticulously in mosaic tiles. Another feature we’d like to mention here about The Citizen, is that they many of the better rooms and suites have marvelous views over Sacramento.

Dining in Sacramento

Eating out is just as classy as the hotel choices in Sacramento, and there are a number of places that our travel escorts would like to recommend. However, we have narrowed it down somewhat, and given you only two. These two places have equally good reputations among those who count in the city, and what we say about them here is accurate at the time of publication. We urge you to try them out and let us know what you think.

  • The Firehouse Restaurant - 1112 2nd Street. Obviously this place is housed in an old firehouse, but it’s done delightfully! Sacramento escorts have all commented on the style and elegance of this place, and they’ve all wanted to go back there as soon as they can, so get your bookings in! It’s a pretty relaxed, although paradoxically upmarket restaurant really. You’re getting fine food in a fine atmosphere, in a beautiful restaurant, but nothing is too pretentious; as you so often find these days with restaurants of this calibre. The wine lists are very extensive and carefully chosen, and the menus are planned to perfection. If they’re still serving it, we recommend the Dutch valley veal cheeks; scrumptious!
  • The Kitchen Restaurant - 2225 Hurley Way. More high end dining for you here. Another place that our Sacramento escorts would pull each other’s hair out to get to. The food is to die for in The Kitchen, but it’s the setting in which you dine that appeals most of all in our opinion. There’s fresh produce laid out there on the table in front of you and it looks, and indeed smells, lovely! It really is like dining in a kitchen; only a very classy, quite expensive kitchen! Give it a try, you’ll love it.
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Our Sacramento recommendations


We could have mentioned on in particular, but to be honest, we’d much rather you choose which one you want to visit, or all of them of course. We wouldn’t recommend all of them if we didn’t really like them however, so this is worth remembering. The California Museum has its home here in Sacramento. It was previously known as The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts, and it maintains most of its original exhibits; there’s a lot more to it these days however. If transportation interests you, as it does a number of Californians and American visitors, the California State Railroad Museum is certainly worth a visit, as is the Californian Automobile Museum. Here you’ll see how California was connected by rail to the rest of the county via the old “iron horse,” and when it comes to the automobile museum, you’ll see some very fine examples of classic cars throughout the ages over 72,000 square feet of exhibition space! The State Military Museum, and the Crocker Art Museum are also well worth a visit. We told you there were plenty to choose from didn’t we?

Raging Waters

It might not be the sort of thing all Sacramento escorts might be interested in, but it’s for sure that they’ll all look good in a bikini if you can convince them to try. Water parks are a lot of fun, we’re sure we don’t have to tell you that, but Raging Waters in Sacramento really does go all out on entertainment value. The Great White, The Hammerhead and the Dragon’s Den are just three of a vast number of water slides you can have fun on here. The onsite catering is generally pretty good, and the staff are all friendly too, as you’d expect in an American park!

sacramento railroad museum old californian trains

Booking Sacramento escorts

Whether you’re on a business trip to the city, or simply on vacation, you can always make your time here even better with Sacramento escorts. What’s even better is that when you book them with us, they could come from San Francisco, San Diego, anywhere in the USA, or even the world, and not just Sacramento. Browse our holiday companions now and choose the girl who you think most suits your personality and desires. We’ll do the rest!

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