rome with some restaurants near tiber

When in Rome! Our top picks for restaurants in Rome

Best Dinner Restaurants in Rome - According To Our Rome Escorts!

Our Rome Escorts have decided: The best Rome Restaurants 2017

Do as the Romans! Of course, you know this old phrase, but do you know where the best places to eat are in this Eternal City? Just like London and any other major city in the world, the restaurants in Rome change frequently. It’s only with the help of some of our most dedicated travel companions that we can bring you up to date information about which ones are a good choice. So here goes. Some of the best restaurants (in our humble opinion), so you can indeed “do as the Romans!”

rome with some restaurants near tiber

Our travel escort top dining picks in Rome

  • Trattoria Monti – Via di S. Vito, 13 A. Traditional cuisines here from a restaurant with a very good reputation in the city. Trattoria Monti has a great deal of style visually, and it’s very attractive to out of towners, but it’s the food that deserves the attention. It’s gourmet food, it’s all fresh, and its reputation precedes it. We urge you to try it out. Great menus. We recommend booking in advance if you can.
  • Antico Arco – Piazzale Aurelio, 7. A good mixture of local and tourist business here, and it’s big enough not to notice. There are plenty of intimate spots to relax with your Rome escort too! Not at all overly expensive, and a must try on our list. By the way, the pasta carbonara with black truffles is really tasty!
  • Ristochicco – Borgo Pio, 186. Quaint little restaurant on the street, with the tables outside, etc. just like you would expect in Rome, and just how the locals tend to enjoy their food. They give you plenty to eat here, so go with an appetite, and take some company too. They’re very friendly, and it’s as entertaining to eat here as it is delicious and satisfying. Truly managed by an Italian family.

Always be aware that our reviews are our opinions, and that they’re also only good for the time of publication. Our traveling escorts are experienced Rome gourmets, and they really know the Rome cuisine after many Rome Escort trips.