what you can do in nyc during a rainy day

Raining in New York City: What you going to do?

Raining in New York City: What you going to do?

Alternatives for bad weather or when you need some change

Of course, with any luck, you’ll have the company of a beautiful travel escort. But whether you do or not, you’re still likely to want a few ideas about what to do, or where to go. And it can’t all be about bars and restaurants, can it? Well, there might be a couple we could recommend, but let’s see if there’s something else to what you can get up.

what you can do in nyc during a rainy day

Take in a movie

There are plenty of movie theaters in New York City. You can pretty much see anything you want, whenever you want in New York. Our travel escorts who have been to the city have a particular fondness for the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg. There you can have table service while you're watching your movie. Now that’s got to beat getting drowned outside in the rain!

Fat Cat

We said we might mention a bar or two. We like Fat Cat in West Village. We like it because there’s a great crowd of people there, and they’ll embrace you whether you’re alone, or whether you’re with a VIP companion. Not only can you hear hot live jazz, but you can also play a variety of games that you’re not going to find in just any bar. Ever played ping pong in a bar while having a beer?

Chelsea Market

Indoor markets are an excellent way to stay dry, yet you’re still out and about. They can also be quite romantic if you’re with the right travel companion! Great street food to be found and enjoyed, along with a load of art for sale, books and more. Treat your female escort to something nice. A keepsake for when she’s no longer with you.

There’s a hell of a lot more to do!

Of course, if you’re only in New York for a very short time, you shouldn’t ever let the weather stop you enjoying yourself. Get a brolly and do your sightseeing if that’s what you want. These three things are just our particular choices because we don’t like the rain! Our travel companions can endure some bad weather, so don’t worry about that. In fact, some think that a walk in the rain is rather romantic!