prague with vltava and charles bridge

Prague: Things to do with holiday escorts

Trips to Prague with Holiday Escorts

Things to do in Prague

Well, we’re betting that some of you have flown over there for parties or a bit of fun in the clubs, but you do know that traveling to Prague with a holiday escort is much more fun right?

prague with vltava and charles bridge

We’re going to tell you our top list of things to do when you’re over there. The following ideas are based on the knowledge and the experiences of our very own escorts, so you might even end up booking one that has already been before. Or better still, you can book one that currently resides or is near to Prague.

The Top 4 according to our travel escort girls

  • Prague Castle from Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge offers you one of the most romantic entrances to Prague Castle, and the views on approach are truly stunning. We’re told the best time to check it out is at sunset. The 17th-century statues on both sides of the bridge are spectacular too. Those holiday escorts are going to love you to pieces if you take them here!
  • Golden Lane. Located at Prague Castle, The Golden Lane is a very famous area of ancient houses, where some very famous people have lived over time, including Franz Kafka. The houses down here are minuscule!
  • Take in a show. But not just any show. Get tickets to The National Theatre. Not only will you catch some of the best opera and ballet in the world, but also the building itself is widely considered as one of the most stunning in the entire city. They’re not wrong!
  • Old Town Square. Get yourself to Old Town Square during the day. Maybe after a night at the ballet, you’d care to do a spot of shopping with your European travel escort? You couldn’t pick a better location. It’s the city’s biggest marketplace, and it dates from the 10th century!

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