pretty woman picnic and relax in central park

Ever thought about a picnic with your travel companion?

Elite Companions For Picnic

A romantic Ambiance for your Escort Date

You’d be surprised at just how many beautiful young travel companions still love the simpler things in life. Good food and good company don’t have to come at the expense of an overpriced restaurant. You can create your own ambiance, and even inject a little romance if you simply pack a nice picnic.

pretty woman picnic and relax in central park

Where to go for picnicking?

Well now, that’s the big question, isn’t it? You can go practically anywhere where there’s a public space for you to eat. There are great picnic spots around London that we know of, but we’re certain that if you were to do a simple Google search, you’d find one anywhere in the world. Imagine the type of picnics you could have in the South of France for instance? And imagine how much more fun it would be with the right companion.

Get your preparation right

The ultimate romantic gesture is a man creating a picnic for a woman. Going to the shops to choose your food, the all-important wine, and not to mention the picnic basket. Make sure you get a nice variety of things to eat for your escort lady. Don’t get anything too messy, and pack plenty of things to clean up with. It’s an excellent idea to get one of those luxury hampers with the cutlery, plates, and glasses included. This way you won’t have to worry about much at all, other than your date!

You don’t have to shop yourself

There is a cheat for those of you who don’t want to do all the shopping etc. or for those who are by their own admission, useless at it. We found that you can pre-order a picnic from any Carluccio’s across the UK. There are loads of them in London, but if you look at the website, you’ll find them scattered all over. So if you’re going away elsewhere in the UK for a weekend and want to stage a surprise picnic for your escort, just use their website to select your nearest branch. Tell them what you want and pick it up before you go!

Don’t forget to book your companion!