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Welcome to Philadelphia

There's a song that mentions practically every city and state in America, but we have to hand it to Springsteen (our Philadelphia escorts love him!) when he came up with Philadelphia and the beautiful Philadelphia Escorts. Not only is it a very poignant tune, connected with the movie of the same title of course, but it’s also notoriously hard to write as a song lyric!

However, if we’re talking about popular culture references, Philadelphia is arguably more well known for Rocky Balboa, and perhaps if you visit the city you’d like to run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art too? We sincerely doubt that your Philadelphia escort will want to join you in this activity, though! Of course, Philadelphia has a lot more to offer than a couple of pop cultural references. It’s the largest city in Pennsylvania to start with, and for those truly interested, it’s steeped in American history. It’s here in Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed, and you can see these in Independence Hall.

It may not be as appealing to tourists as New York, or Washington in the south, but as a site of historical interest and significance Philadelphia is really one place that shouldn’t be left off a tour of the east coast. The city also has a great atmosphere, there’s a buzzing nightlife, a great culinary and bar scene, and the architecture is stunning. We have devised a short guide to Philadelphia for you. It won’t encompass all you need to know about the city, but it will tell you about a few places you can enjoy with Philadelphia escorts, or indeed any other companion you choose to stay with.

female from philadelphia who offers escort service

Staying in Philadelphia

Hotels are pretty wide spread in Philadelphia, and they really reflect the city itself. However, we have chosen a couple of really nice places right in the middle (or where we believe the middle to be) of the city, so that you’re close to a number of interesting attractions, restaurants and bars. The following hotels are Philadelphia escort friendly, to the best of our knowledge, and some of our travel escorts have indeed spent time here and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Click the links to learn more about each place and make a reservation.

  • The Rittenhouse Hotel - 210 W Rittenhouse Square. Lovely hotel with great rooms, marble baths, free Wi-Fi, great restaurant, and even a spa. So, everything you could want really, and at a none too ridiculous price to be perfectly honest; not that this is ever an issue for our clients of course! The Rittenhouse is so designed as to give wonderful views of the square in which it’s situated. The suites are particularly lovely at The Rittenhouse. Obviously The Presidential Suite is the best, but the less expensive Park Suites are very well equipped and offer a degree of comfort that you and your Philadelphia escort will no doubt be used to. You can also have a one or two-bedroom suite should you wish. As an afterthought, it’s also worth mentioning that the hotel staff at The Rittenhouse are very helpful and never bother you unless you really want them to; something we are very impressed with, and something that’s surprisingly not that common these days.
  • The Ritz Carlton - 10 Ave Of The Arts. At The Ritz Carlton it’s as good as it’s going to get really, and you wouldn’t expect anything less of course! It’s an immaculately grand hotel, perfectly situated so it’s close to everything of interest, yet private enough to ensure you have a peaceful stay. Rooms and suites are modern in design, furnished tastefully and decorated with a definite designer influence. If you have the money, we would suggest staying in one of the many beautiful suites. Perhaps you could even afford to stay in the world famous Ritz Carlton Suite, where you can enjoy a fabulous view, state of the art entertainment, fully equipped kitchen and personal butler and chef services! Dining at Aqimero by Richard Sandova, is an experience not to be missed if you plan on staying in your hotel for at least one evening with your Philadelphia escort. The food here is a testament to the quality of the hotel. Conferencing facilities are second to none here in Philadelphia, with 18 state of the art meeting rooms; and the staff will ensure that everything you need is taken care of. The Ritz Carlton is one of the best hotels in Philadelphia, without a shadow of a doubt!

Dining in Philadelphia

In a vast, incredibly busy and cosmopolitan city like Philadelphia you would expect a lot of choice when it comes to eating out. You will not be disappointed. This city is a food lover’s paradise, and you can get everything you could possibly want. It’s not on the scale of New York of course, but all the same choices are there. It’s been pretty hard to recommend only two restaurants to you really, but we have limited space. Therefore, we have chosen two places we, and our Philadelphia escorts, have intimate knowledge of. So, book your company, and choose your Philly restaurant!

  • Abe Fisher - 1623 Sansom Street. Jewish cuisine doesn’t get enough attention in our personal opinion, so we thought we would recommend this place to you. Well, to tell the truth, a Philadelphia escort recommended this place, because she has friends who live nearby. It’s what many would call “a small plate joint”. Not meaning you don’t get enough to eat of course, it’s just that they specialise in the relatively new cultural phenomenon of small plate menus, whereby you eat lots of small portions of different food. This allows you to taste as much as possible, and in an atmosphere like the one at Abe Fisher, you’re going to make a lovely evening of it.
  • Russet – 1521 Spruce Street. Russet is a family owned and operated business that serves lovely seasonal, new American cuisine that’s tinged with a little of everything really. The waiting staff are really good, and they really know their food etc. We strongly suggest that, if you’re not a “wine buff,” you take their suggestions, since the wine here is very good and they know exactly what to pick with your choice from the menu. Whether it’s still available or not we have no idea, but one of the Philadelphia escorts we know wanted us to recommend the almond & cantaloupe gazpacho (whatever that is!)

Our Philadelphia recommendations

Philadelphia Museum of Art

As we mentioned in our introduction, this is where “the Italian Stallion” did his training, and where he did his iconic jumping in the air with triumph and satisfaction. A true American hero, albeit fictional! But those steps up to the Museum of Art, really are inspirational, whether you’re thinking about Rocky Balboa and the struggle he faced, or the fact that inside the museum you can see some of America’s most prized treasures in the art world. Works by modern artists such as: Picasso, Matisse and Duchamp can be seen here, along with wonderful Asian art collections and stunning works from the Renaissance. It’s a big place, and there’s a lot to see, and it’s for this reason you can get a ticket that admits you for two days. Great for art lovers staying nearby, and a wonderful place to take your Philadelphia escort of course!

Independence Hall

Whether you’re a fan of it or not, this is where the foundations of modern American government began! Here is where those 13 delegates met and signed the Declaration of Independence on the 4th July. Not many people know that Philadelphia actually used to be America’s capital city! A lovely piece of history, and a must see for anyone visiting Philadelphia.

independence hall

Booking Philadelphia escorts

There are so many beautiful and intelligent young women, all over the world, just waiting for you to make them your Philadelphia escort for the duration of your stay in this fine city. Who knows, you may even find the perfect travel companion close by. Whether you choose to travel with your escort from your location, have them meet you in Philadelphia, or choose an escort from a neighbouring city like New York or Baltimore, we can tell you that they’ll be superb company. That is if you book them through us of course! We do extensive checks on all the girls we represent, in order to make sure you have the Philadelphia escort experience you deserve! Call us at your convenience and we’ll do the rest.

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