old restaurant of the 50s new york city

Old style New York restaurants

Old Style New York Restaurants

Experience the authentic side of NYC with our escorts

For those of you who want to experience the authentic side of New York City, we’ve got a selection for you to check. Don’t forget to book your New York Escorts from us either; we’ve got enough women available to join you there. Booking as far in advance as possible is always a good idea, especially since the holiday season is virtually upon us.

old restaurant of the 50s new york city

Best 3 classic New York City restaurants

  • Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Right down to the old teapots, they’ve got it all here. This traditionally New York Chinese restaurant is the oldest Dim Sum place in the city, and you simply have to try their almond cookies if you have a sweet tooth!
  • Grand Central Station Oyster Bar. If you’ve ever watched Mad Men, you’ll know what we mean when we tell you that this place has that feel about it. It’s businessmen eating and drinking whiskey while waiting for the train. But it’s the ambiance of the site that’s so excellent, the high, domed ceilings and the superb lighting. Take your travel escort here for some oysters!
  • Lexington Candy Shop. It’s on the Upper East Side and it’s barely changed since 1925! A classic diner style. You’ll get some of the best pancakes, tuna melts and milkshakes in New York here!

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