people from nyc in the crowded city center

What’s up with New Yorkers?

What's Up With New Yorkers?

If you’ve ever been to New York before, we can totally understand if any of you consider New Yorkers to be rude. But it’s really not like that you know, it’s just the way they are. They don’t mean to be. If you want the real reason why when you walk down the sidewalk and they don’t say “hello,” it’s usually because they’re simply too busy! It really is as simple as that.

Are people from NYC really like in the movies?

What’s more is that those sidewalks aren’t nearly big enough for all the people that travel on them. An Australian travel escort who has been to New York has commented on the fact that she has had her toes stepped on more than once! It’s a good idea to take a cab if you’re going a long way. Nonetheless, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the skyward views. There’s a lot to take in. So we suppose that you have to put up with a little hustle and bustle to see the sights. But, boy oh boy! It’s really worth it.

people from nyc in the crowded city center

They're not bad folks

However, if you were to meet the same person that just stepped on your toe, in a bar, you’d find them very different indeed. New Yorkers (true New Yorkers) are proud of their city, and unlike many Londoners, they actually love tourists. You’ll find them very approachable and friendly, and it’s not just because they’ve got a beer! There’s even a famous blog called Humans of New York with street portraits and interviews.

Visit New York!

Don’t let New Yorkers put you off visiting one of the greatest cities on earth. If you’re planning a sightseeing tour, take one of our travel escorts with you, and for goodness sake check out Manhattan. We love Manhattan. On the one hand, there are some great bars there. Harry’s New York Bar is a must visit if you’re around the Museum of Art and Central Park. Bar Sixty-Five and The Monkey Bar aren’t far away either. In fact, all the bars in Manhattan make the walking and the people much more tolerable.

Remember to get the right company, though!