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Welcome to New York

“The City that never sleeps!” That’s what Sinatra sang, and he pretty much hit the nail on the head. For our New York escorts, there isn’t a lovelier sight than the lights coming on all over the city as the sun sets on the Hudson River. New York is a financial powerhouse, a cultural epicenter of the world. Its artistic community goes down in history as being one of America’s most influential in literature and music. So you will maybe appreciate just how special it is to book NYC elite escorts from such an exciting city?

What tourists associate with New York

Most noteworthy, there are all the favorites to visit of course: The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Central Park and many others. Therefore, the great thing about New York is that it has something for practically everyone. And you don’t have to come from any particular “class” or walk of life to enjoy any of it. New York has a real unpretentious, relatively free feel to it.

Take a stroll off the beaten track to the Upper-West Side. First of all, there you’ll find the home of fascinating Jewish communities, with ancient and delicious delis. Moreover, you can see how the truly Asian communities of New York City live by visiting Chinatown. Its temples, street food, and restaurants will both tantalize your taste buds and mesmerize your senses. Visit downtown: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Harlem, Queens; the list could go on and on. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, the beauty of booking NYC escorts is that these beautiful creatures come from all over New York. Sometimes it’s as though they’re actually coming from another part of the world in many respects!


So what would you expect from a New York City guide? First of all, you’d expect it to be written with some experience behind it right? Of course, you would. You demand quality companions (which is why you’re here!), apart from this, you demand quality accommodation and entertainment. So it’s in fact with great pleasure that we present you with our definitive guide to New York, based entirely on the experiences of genuine, bonafide New York escorts.

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Staying in New York

New York is a demanding city, gentlemen. If you’ve ever been here before you’ll probably know this to be true. As a result, when one of our elite escorts recommends a place to stay in The Big Apple, no matter if in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn, we’re quick to mention it to our clients. Here you will find our two top picks for staying in “The Big Apple” and if you’re planning a trip real soon, we suggest you try them out. Also, don’t forget to book New York escorts, or one of our international travel companions, to help you enjoy your stay!

  • The Greenwich Hotel. This is officially a Robert De Niro hotel would you believe? So you can imagine, if a celebrity with this stature puts his name to it, it’s going to be good. Well, that’s what our New York escorts think anyway. When you walk into the lobby of this place it’s like walking onto a movie set. Likewise, it has a lovely drawing room, an indoor pool, and a spa; all of which are wonderful experiences. The nicest thing we think however is the fact that all the rooms are different. On the other hand, they all share beautiful marble bathrooms and walk-in showers at the same time. In conclusion, a delightful place to stay.
  • Bryant Park Hotel. A beautiful boutique hotel in New York’s center, close to Times Square. It’s not expensive at the same time, but it offers everything you could need and leaves you more time for the sights and sounds of the city for instance. The modern, minimal rooms are delightfully decorated and very comfortable. Secondly, the food at the Japanese restaurant is really good. That's why we have it on good authority from our NYC escorts. Additionally, they urge you to use the fitness suite.

Dining in New York

Pretty much every large American city has a plethora of restaurants, with cuisine from all over the world. New York is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the states. Hence you can imagine how difficult it is to recommend a few good places to eat. Luckily we know many New York escorts who have had the pleasure of dining at the following places. We are well aware that there are hundreds of other places to mention. Even so, you can take it from us that genuine NYC escorts have in fact dined here and had a wonderful time. That all depends on the company they kept of course, but we’re sure they’ll be golden with you!

  • Daniel. A quintessentially high end and trendy restaurant on the Upper East Side. Chef Daniel Boulud has made quite a name for himself in New York, and it’s with this remarkable French cuisine that he’s done it. Accordingly, when you invite one of our travel escorts to join you for dinner here, she’s likely to be as impressed as she’s ever been. That’s saying something when you consider that these escorts have eaten all over the world!
  • Eleven Madison Park. Another Daniel for you, this time it’s Daniel Humm, the highly imaginative innovator that’s creating quite a storm in New York. Eleven Madison Park is a lovely restaurant to sit and eat. The high ceilings and spacious atmosphere make it a grand experience. The food isn’t like anything you’ve eaten anywhere else, arguably with the exception of Heston Blumenthal in the UK. All in all, it’s something you’ll remember.
  • Gramercy Tavern. How about a bit of simplicity in the city? Gramercy Tavern is a bustling bar with a great restaurant. That's why it's perfect for taking your NYC escort for lunch if you’re out and about. It offers lovely atmosphere, great décor, and tasty a la carte menus that beg for attention after all.
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Our Big Apple recommendations

When it comes to recommending places to visit or things to do in New York, you can easily write many articles. Therefore, we'll concentrate on three highlights based on our VIP New York escorts' opinions. The reason is that our true expertise belongs with recommending an NYC escort or Manhattan escort to you. But after discussions with many people, and most of the girls who have spent time here, we’ve finally come up with the following favorites.

the big apple sunset

Ellis Island

Now, since you are booking New York companions from our famous escort agency, we have deduced that you’re a lover of quality, and you’re a man of taste. As a result, you’re likely to appreciate the gravity of a visit to Ellis Island. Historically Ellis Island was where all the immigrants that came to New York were initially dropped off to be “sorted out”. Thus it’s steeped in history (relatively speaking of course, since the USA as we know it today itself isn’t that old). In fact, the Immigration Museum is well worth a visit. It’s not the usual tourist thing to do, but we recommend it to those with an interest in American history.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park in The Village is the home to many wonderful sights. Maybe you haven’t seen those brownstone communities on the TV or in movies where children are quite literally dancing around in the fountains with their shoes off. In this case, you have to take a walk around this area. Observe street performers, people playing chess, dog walkers, students frantically swatting to keep up and wonderful bars. Indeed, it’ll have you captivated for days, never mind hours. Not for nothing, it’s one of New York’s finest and most bohemian green spaces.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Finally, we have to put the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Most NYC escorts have an obvious love affair with this place. In addition, it’s one of the biggest in the world with its collections ranging from American artwork to ancient Egyptian ruins. Furthermore, we recommend that you visit the roof garden. No visit to New York City is complete without a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

central park manhattan
Manhattan Central Park

Booking New York escorts

If you’re spending any amount of time in New York City, and in particular you want some company, it has to be with a quality New York Escort. Therefore, don’t waste your time and money with any other agency. Instead, you can book from a reputable and trusted team like ours. We specialize in getting any escort in the world to your door in New York, at your convenience. In addition, you can have your choice of beautiful and intelligent young women from anywhere in the USA. Finally, it's noteworthy that our female companions can visit you in all major US cities including LA. So all you need to do is call us at your convenience. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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