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Welcome to New Orleans

The first thing that springs to mind when anyone mentions New Orleans, simply has to be its nickname: “The Big Easy”. It’s really not surprising that this Louisiana city was given the name when you look at it’s incredibly indulgent and late night party reputation; something all New Orleans escorts adore. Everything, right down to the bourbon and the spicy food is quintessential New Orleans style. This is where American, African and French culture, all come together to create wonderful festivities and carnivals, and a buzzing blues and jazz scene. Our New Orleans escorts are definitely fans of “The Big Easy!” It’s Mardi Gras that they love above all else of course. They are young and vibrant creatures, what do you expect?! They love all the costume parades and street parties, and would love to return and revel in the atmosphere at the first opportunity.

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We don’t know what’s going to take you to this historical Mississippi River town – now a great city – but you’ll be glad for the opportunity. Whether you drink it up in Bourbon Street, hang out with the artists in Jackson Square, or dine in the history and relative charm of post-colonial architecture in the French Quarter, it’s going to be an experience you’ll never forget. Allow us to make a few recommendations to you, based on the knowledge of some of the best New Orleans escorts you’re ever likely to meet!

happy new orleans escort enjoying the old part of the city on a sunny day

Staying in New Orleans

There’s a great choice of places to stay in New Orleans, but we have taken the time to list two of the best hotels in the city. These are the opinions of real New Orleans elite escorts and travel companions however, and they’re certainly not hotel reviewers. However, their opinion should never be underestimated, especially when you consider that they stay in more hotels than the average person! Personally, we’d take their opinion over all others. Let’s see which places they consider to be among the best.

  • Bourbon Orleans Hotel - 717 Orleans Street. Classic New Orleans architecture and design, right down to the chandeliers! You can get rooms overlooking the historical French Quarter, with four poster beds, and the plantation style shutters and balconies. So all in all, a hot, sweaty night in New Orleans would be fine here, especially if you have the company of a beautiful New Orleans escort of course! It does have all the modern amenities however, including heated pool, spa and fitness centre. You get modern TVs in your room too of course (not that you’ll need one!) and the restaurant has a great, traditional Creole menu.
  • Hilton Embassy Suites Convention Centre - 315 Julia Street. This is in downtown New Orleans, but it’s not too far from the old French Quarter if you want to visit there. It’s closer to many other attractions, and of course the business district, so it’s handy if you are staying in New Orleans for work etc. These suites are very modern places, and they come equipped with fridges and microwave ovens, flat screen TVs, separate living rooms etc. with pull out beds in case you get guests. Everything is taken care of really. There’s a great pool, gym and restaurant. And finally, for all you businesses out there looking to host some kind of event, the business centre is incredibly well equipped, with lots of meeting space.

Dining in New Orleans

The dining in New Orleans is very nearly as famous as the music and partying scene. It’s just much less championed sadly. When you’re staying in a city with such a rich French, African and American culture, you can get your taste buds around some really rather remarkable, and quintessential New Orleans cuisine. We have a couple of favorite restaurants to share with you, so make sure you try at least one of them when you stay here.

  • Restaurant R'evolution - 777 Bienville Street. Creole food is the order of the day at this very upmarket restaurant, but it’s very finely prepared with a certain uniqueness. Your New Orleans escort will certainly thank you for taking her here, we can tell you this much! It’s a bit pricey as restaurants go, but then you’re more than likely looking for somewhere special right? Atmosphere is lovely and romantic, and the wine list is extensive. We would personally like to recommend that you try the sheep ricotta gnocchi with lobster.
  • August - 301 Tchoupitoulas Street – You’re more than aware of the huge French influence in the city of course, so it won’t surprise you that we have a recommended a French restaurant! The French restaurants have a certain standard to live up to in New Orleans, and August certainly manages to go above and beyond in this department. The dining experience begins with the environment at August. There’s no cramped up tables and awkward getting in and out of your seat in this restaurant. Large tables, beautifully adorned with fine tableware, are situated in more than enough space, allowing a very relaxed and easy feel to the dining experience. Menus are extensive and lean toward New Orleans culture as well as traditional French cuisine. Our New Orleans escorts and international travel escorts recommend you try the rabbit.
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Our New Orleans recommendations

New Orleans Museum of Art

No, it’s not a place for drinking and partying, but you can bet your life some of the artists who created the work in this place were pretty “happy” during their time. New Orleans culture and lifestyle will be sure to have influenced many of them! The museum is a lovely place to go with a New Orleans escort, and it makes a really pleasant change to be among the decorative arts heritage that New Orleans has made a great name from. There are thousands of exhibits that span from the Renaissance to the modern age, including some fine examples of 18th century furniture, and some lovely local art. It’s also located in the city park, so you can incorporate a romantic walk with your international travel escort!

Bourbon Street

You have to recommend Bourbon Street to everybody travelling to New Orleans! Bourbon Street is in the French Quarter, the oldest district in New Orleans, and it’s been beautifully preserved to invoke an earlier, simpler time. It’s always been about the reveling in Bourbon Street, the drinking and the jazz! However, these days it has become a lot more controlled, and there certainly aren’t the cheap bars there that used to be there, and much less gambling. Anyway, you’re not likely to be interested in any of that when you’ll be meeting a beautiful New Orleans escort! But seriously, do take a stroll down Bourbon Street, go to a bar or five and have a good time!

new orleans downtown bourbon street

Booking New Orleans escorts

Our New Orleans escorts know how to have a good time. Whether they’re actually from New Orleans or not, doesn’t really make a difference. Any young woman who has set foot in the city, has always wanted to return. So you can more than likely imagine that escorts from all over the world are incredibly keen to get in on the action. All you need to do is book them, and we’ll get them to you in time for your arrival!

For a really good party in New Orleans, you need the right company!