such hotels in new york don't need to cost a fortune

New hotels in NYC that won’t cost a fortune

New Hotels In NYC That Won't Cost A Fortune

In NYC, new hotels with excellent cost-benefit ratio have been developed

Now we know that money isn’t a huge object to most of you gentlemen when it comes to New York hotels, but sometimes we all need to count the pennies; especially if you want to splash out a lovely VIP escort. We have the solution that will enable you to have the best escorts in the world while still managing to impress them with fantastic new hotels in New York that won't cost a fortune!

These affordable New York hotels with incredible cost-benefit ratio are all relatively new, so you more than likely haven’t seen them before; unless of course you already live in New York and know about this trend.

such hotels in new york don't need to cost a fortune

The Brooklyn Hotel – 1199 Atlantic Avenue

The Brooklyn Hotel opened last year, and we’re fortunate enough to have a report from one of our New York Escorts who’s stayed here with a client when it had just opened. The main beauty of this place is that it’s a boutique hotel, with lovely decorated, spacious rooms, yet you’re only going to pay around $140 a night to stay here. It really won't cost you a fortune to stay in this NYC hotel. There’s no room service or anything like that, but you can get a lovely breakfast, and you have access to coffee machines and microwave ovens in your room! The location is right in Brooklyn. Therefore, it’s a quintessential New York experience you’re likely to have when you’re here. On the other hand, it’s lovely none the less. Soak up the ambiance and live like a New Yorker for a few days!

Pod 39 Hotel - 145 East 39th Street

Pod 39 is a very reasonable hotel with everything you might want for a short stay with a nice atmosphere. You probably won’t want to stay here with a New York escort, unless she’s particularly adventurous and doesn’t worry too much about these things, but we thought we’d include it anyway because it’s new and exciting. Basically, it’s called “Pod” because the rooms are pods, due to their size. In other words, they’re not big. Great for solo travelers who are in town and want to spend their money on things other than their hotel. You can get a double room of course, and these will only set you back around 100 bucks!

We will, of course, let you know about any more new hotels that crop up in New York, or indeed anywhere else where you like to travel. And if you require a little more information about The Big Apple, or you’re stuck for restaurant and bar recommendations, you may be interested in our New York Escorts city guide.