i went to berlin as an international escort

My Escort Trip to Berlin

My Escort Trip To Berlin

Last-minute Travel to Berlin for a Dinner with Overnight

The call from travel-escorts agency said urgent, so five minutes later I am hastily packing my weekend bag with suitable attire for, well everything really. A new client had called from Berlin as his professional female companion had not proven to be suitable. I hasten to add that the unsuitable escort companion was not one of our elite courtesans. However, I was requested to fly urgently to Berlin as the gentleman was in need of a professional hostess and companion for the remainder of his business trip.

i went to berlin as an international escort

As an Elite Escort, I’m a Frequent Traveler

At travel-escorts, a client cannot usually make a hotel booking which involves a flight for less than two nights. However, as this was an exception in difficult circumstances, I found myself booked on a private flight out of London city airport in less than four hours to spend the evening in the company of a suave and debonair businessman as his personal guest and hostess at a prestigious business event.

I had been given the sketchiest of details. However, I am a seasoned traveler and as such, I always have a basic weekend travel bag packed and ready to go. All that remained for me to do was choose which evening dresses to take and which accessories to team with them. I had just enough time for a wonderful, scented bath, and once I had applied my makeup and styled my hair I heard the beep of my driver heralding the arrival of my car.

The private flight to Berlin was luxurious if uneventful and we arrived in Tegel in less than two hours. My waiting car sped through the streets to deposit me safely at the Waldorf Astoria in the heart of former West Berlin.

International Escort in Europe

As an International escort, I am a seasoned traveler. I count German among the various languages I speak and felt perfectly at home when I was introduced to my sophisticated gentleman companion. He possessed all the qualities of a true gentleman. He was chivalrous in the way that he exhibited perfect manners and respectful courtesy, and his self-assured confidence was a definite attraction. We ran through the evening ahead and talked about the form of the event and the other people who were attending. We were only expected to remain for a short while, after which we would enjoy a more private and intimate dinner before returning to the opulent hotel suite together.

The evening passed in a blur of introductions and polite small talk with some of Europe’s top entrepreneurs. I found their conversation to be fascinating but before too long, my companion cupped by elbow to signal the fact that we were leaving. Our exquisite dinner was at Les Solistes and so it goes without saying that it was divine. However, it was the scintillating conversation and relaxed ambience that truly made it such an enjoyable experience. It was wonderful to captivate this debonair gentleman’s attention, and through the course of our private evening, we found we had much in common which can only enhance the genuine attachment, if only temporary of a girlfriend experience. As fast as the sun had set, it was already sending tendrils of light over the tall buildings of Berlin. Our evening had extended into the early morning and although we were both exhausted, our shared time together had allowed us the opportunity to connect in a way that no dinner date could ever facilitate.