european islands santorini and azores

Vacations to European Islands

Vacations To European Islands

Three European islands you definitely have to visit with one of our travel companions

Europe offers a wealth of romantic possibilities, but nothing can compete with the unique charm and idyllic enchantment of an island location, especially when you discover its hidden delights and compelling scenery in the company of an articulate and accomplished upscale female companion.

In our opinion, there are a number of outside factors which, when combined, raise the overall anticipation of an assignation into the realms of exciting romance and intoxicating pleasure. The setting of the tryst is critical. You will want to wake up and feel that you are in heaven itself with a beautiful view, other than that of your exquisite international companion, to greet you each day. Privacy is another important factor and one which forms the extent to which you can fully immerse yourself in your no strings encounter and of course chemistry. If there is no chemistry between you and your female travel escort, then the beauty of the area and the luxury of your surroundings will be clouded and wasted on you both.

european islands santorini and azores

Discover stunning European Islands with our Travel Escorts


If there is one place on earth that captures the imagination, it is Santorini in the southern Aegean Sea. 200km southeast of mainland Greece this ancient island is a diverse mix of towering cliffs, whitewashed stone homes, and multi-colored beaches. Under the brilliance of the Mediterranean sun, the towns look precariously perched on the edge of the cliffs ready to tumble into the sapphire blue sea below. At sunset, a rosy glow is cast across the glittering water adding to the gem like opulence of the landscape spread before you. Soak up the ambiance and the sun’s powerful rays and perhaps the intoxicating scent of the bougainvillea will infuse the air with heady romance during your idyllic escape.


The Azores is another island location that will take your breath away. As if transported to the very edge of the world your time here will be nothing if not memorable. Marvel at the large concentrations of whales and dolphins drawn here each year by the perfect ambient conditions and then wait with bated breath at the steaming fumaroles at Furnas, nature's very own pressure cooker. Perhaps by this time your own desire is simmering encouraged by the shared delights you have experienced together.

Coast of Scotland

For something completely different you can release your inner Viking with a visit to the Mainland Island within the archipelago off the coast of Scotland. The weather may not be your friend; however, it does offer a perfect reason to cuddle up and toast in front of a roaring real fire after a day of visiting perfectly preserved Neolithic sites and adorable seals. With two sizable lochs there is plenty to keep you occupied should you find time however given that your European escort girl is probably the embodiment of raw beauty and fresh femininity and will capture your attention as well as your heart for the duration of your European island travel together.

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