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Welcome to Miami

You don’t have to be retired to enjoy the sunshine of Miami you know! While it is the preferred option for retired Americans, it’s also a wonderfully vibrant city that attracts tourists from all over the globe. Sun, sea, and gorgeous women all over the place. We’re serious about that last point. Indeed, if you weren’t considering hiring a travel escort from us, we’d say take your chances and try to pick up a date in one of the many incredibly intoxicating bars Miami has to offer. In fact, we would venture so far as to say that Miami’s nightlife is one of our favorite factors of this vibrant city. Its proximity to Cuba is another interesting factor when discussing the nightlife and overall entertainment value. This closeness has significantly amplified the cultural diversity in the city, and as far as visitors are concerned, this influence takes the form of some marvelous bars, live music events, restaurants, market, cigar bars and, of course, our Miami Escorts!

Miami is quite a high-powered, fashionable city too, and not just a resort for holiday makers or old people to retire. It was ranked seventh in the USA for finance, culture, fashion, and more, and it continues to grow from strength to strength. It’s now the eighth most populous city in the states! It’s hardly surprising when the weather is so very agreeable, and the winters are very short lived indeed, and still warm! We are yet to find anyone who has visited and not wanted to return. No matter whether you go alone, or you decide to book Miami VIP Escorts or a travel companion, you are certain to enjoy yourself. Read on for some of our recommendations during your stay in Miami. If you plan to travel to Florida, you might also be interested in our Orlando Escorts or Tampa Escorts.

elite escort miami beach

Staying in Miami

There are so many hotels in Miami to choose from, that it would be hard to pick a handful to recommend, and we have so many good reports from international escorts that have stayed in Miami. However, we have narrowed our list down to a couple of firm favorites that offer value and a level of luxury that we’re sure you’re accustomed to. If you’re going to stay in Miami, you might as well stay in style, right?

  • 1 Hotel South Beach. An incredible high-class hotel, that’s minutes from anything you could want to visit. Rooftop bars, a selection of pools, fitness suites and spas, and anything you could need in the hotel itself. The rooms are remarkable too, but arguably the best choices are the suites. We highly recommend the Presidential Suite. But if you’re staying with more than one person, you might want to select one of the suites with several bedrooms. They are all balconied, with wonderful views across the Atlantic!
  • The Villa Casa Casuarina. Stepping into the lobby of this marvelous hotel is literally like stepping onto a meticulously designed movie set that’s designed to impress from the beginning. This converted mansion was once owned by Italian designer Gianni Versace, and when you step foot inside any of the rooms here or look at its location, it’s not hard to decipher just why he chose this place! The rooms are indeed what you and your Elite Miami Escort would expect from a hotel villa of this stature. Some rooms have private balconies with ocean views. You won’t believe the magnitude of this hotel until you’ve spent some time there with a female companion. Just make sure your time there is spent with a stunning young Miami escort!

Dining in Miami

With the huge Cuban influence and the abundance of seafood, there is a plentiful supply of fresh, and imaginative culinary experiences to be had in Miami. We would strongly advise you to try out at least one of these highly recommended restaurants, and perhaps enjoy dinner with a Miami escort. After all, holidays are all about having fun right?

  • Zuma. Zuma is a worldwide chain of Japanese restaurants, and they all enjoy excellent reputations to say the very least. This particular restaurant has some stunning views, and it’s a very relaxed place to eat; perfect for an intimate dinner for yourself and your Miami escort. The raw sushi is excellent quality, and we would thoroughly recommend it.
  • Joe’s Stone Crabs. We told you Miami has excellent seafood, and we meant it. You are likely to get some of the best seafood in the city from Joe’s, and it’s a friendly place too, with lots of regulars. No visit to Miami is complete without a stop off at Joe’s, and no visit to Joe’s is complete without a plateful of Stone Crabs!
  • La Mar by Gaston Acurio. This place is housed in The Mandarin Oriental hotel, and it’s a firm favorite among the locals, as well as those staying in the hotel. There are some great views over the bay and of the Miami skyline to be enjoyed here. The menus are delicious, and we suggest you try the signature cebiches and freshly grilled anticuchos. You’re going to impress any woman you take here, but our Miami escorts are women with taste and bound to love it the most!

Our Miami Recommendations

Finding things to do in Miami is never hard. The beaches alone provide enough entertainment value for your vacation, and it’s mostly free. Whether you’re walking along checking out the local talent, sunbathing, or perhaps enjoying some water sports, there’s always something to keep you busy at the beach. Here are some of our favorite places to visit in Miami at the moment.

Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park is a marvelous stretch of Biscayne Bay, and one of the most beautiful places in Miami to take some downtime. It’s a favorite for everyone from all walks of life. Kids, the elderly, even office workers take their lunch here when they’re afforded some time. Isamu Noguchi, a very talented artist and designer designed much of the park over 20 years ago. Along with the fantastic weather, you can enjoy many live performances at the Klipsch Amphitheater or the Tina Hills Pavilion where there’s a host of free shows on in the Spring. You’ll also see lots of other people enjoying various activities taking place here, including yoga, acrobatics, and other more generalized fitness activities. If fitness isn’t your thing (it’s often nicer to watch others!) then you can always just take in the sights. The Challenger Memorial monument, The JFK Torch, and The Light Tower are all sights for sore eyes! What’s great about all these is that they’re free. Leaving you with more money to spend impressing your Miami escort!

Máximo Gómez Park

No visit to Miami should be without at least a visit to Máximo Gómez Park. It’s a celebration of the Cuban influence on the city in many respects, and a lasting memorial to the old Cuban way of life. You may not feel as though you “fit in” as it were, but the sight of old Cuban gents playing chess and dominos, and the thick, sweet stench of Cuban cigars will provide an experience that’s hard to match anywhere else in the city.

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Booking Miami Escorts

Virtually every woman we represent would love to spend time in Miami. They love to entertain their clients, they love to look good and have a fantastic time, and they love to top-up their suntans! Browse our list of available escort girls, and you may well find some Miami Escorts in there. It’s also worthwhile remembering that all the girls are very willing and well capable of traveling internationally, so your choice of companion should never be limited. Choose one close to Miami, but the world is your oyster!

The “Sunshine State” welcomes you, so book your Miami escorts now!