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Welcome to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is arguably one of the most famous cities in the USA, and it's one of our Los Angeles Escorts' favorite destinations too. And to be perfectly honest with you, when writing about Los Angeles, we have to include Hollywood and the plethora of stars that work and reside there. The sights are all pretty much dedicated to this side of the city: The Hollywood sign, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios, all have their home there. Another aspect is the multitude of souvenir stores. Themed attractions surround the area and all the famous handprints on Hollywood Boulevard. This city is tremendously exciting and glamorous, especially for first-time visitors. They even sell maps that will tell you where the stars live.

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Now, what would all that excitement be without a companion? And what better companion than an LA escort? Well, there is one other choice, and that’s a travel escort who really wants to go to California! Hell, once they find themselves as an LA escort, they’re not likely to ever want to leave. And we intend to give you a little insight into this wonderful city. We'll cover only the most important LA city facts you’ll need to know for meeting one of our elite escorts of course, but we do have some personal recommendations, based on the experiences of real Los Angeles escorts.

elite escorts take a sunbath at malibu beach in la county

Staying in Los Angeles

Finding a classy hotel is never a chore in Los Angeles. When you imagine the amount of celebrities that travel in and out of the city on a regular base, those guys are going to want to stay in style! And forgive us for making a presumption here, but considering that you’re booking LA escorts to join you in this fine city, we expect that you’re going to want the same kind of style. Here are our personal recommendations.

  • Omni Los Angeles Hotel - 251 South Olive Street. This place is smack in the middle of downtown LA, and it’s perfectly located for anything you’d want to see. There are some great bars and restaurants nearby too, so if you do fancy leaving this luxurious hotel to eat elsewhere, your travel companion is going to be very happy to go with you. Speaking of your companion, our LA escorts have told us some things that they like about this place. The outdoor heated pool features are high on their list, along with the spa and fitness center. The California suites are lovely and spacious, with adjoining bedrooms and separate lounges. Oh, and the whirlpool tubs are a particular favorite with Los Angeles escorts.
  • Four Seasons Beverly Hills - 300 South Doheny Drive. Sunshine, balconies, pools and spas! It doesn’t get better than the Four Seasons. If you’re a traveler, like many of the LA escorts you’re likely to book through us, you’ll know that Four Seasons has an excellent reputation. Not far from everything, you’re going to love, but far enough away from the dreadful touristy hotels, etc. You can still get to the County Museum of Art, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame easily with a walk or a short cab ride. But it’s the luxuries you’re going to love at Four Seasons. The flat screen TVs, the marble bathrooms, balconies, and even luxury cars to use free of charge! Our Los Angeles escorts are particularly fond of the wellness facilities with nail salon, so you might have to wait on them while they get pampered!

Dining in Los Angeles

Dining is as good as everything else in LA when you have the cash of course! There are plenty of places in this city of angels, good ones, and bad ones! Lucky for you that you have the knowledge of our LA escorts to fall back on when it comes to recommendations.

  • Culina - 300 South Doheny Drive. Italian food at its best in our female companions’ opinion. A couple of our girls have eaten at this hotel restaurant in the past, and they both commented on how good the food was. They also remarked on the fire lit patio and the extensive wine list. Regarding your pocket, it’s a little on the pricey side, but that’s nothing you can’t handle right? Not when you have LA escorts to impress!
  • Musso and Frank Grill - 6667 Hollywood Boulevard. This place is the epitome of style and taste, and it’s been going since the 1920’s in Los Angeles! We’re told the service and attentiveness are still the same as it’s always been too, believe it or not. Musso and Frank have an amazing reputation in LA, and you simply have to go there to believe it. Every detail is taken care of, right down to their “perfect martini,” which is perfect. Well, that’s the opinion of our Los Angeles escorts anyway! You seriously need to check out the restaurant website to read all about it and see some menus. If you are looking for a romantic spot in LA, you just found it.
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Our LA recommendations

Griffith Park

We said before that everything we tell you somehow has to do with the movie industry in LA, but there is Griffith Park, and it’s no small thing either. It’s the biggest park in Los Angeles, and it’s worth a visit. The park is huge, and you could quite easily forget that you’re in the sprawling metropolis and the crazily famous LA. There are loads of beautiful paths, canyons, museums and picnic areas where you could go walking with a beautiful LA escort. You can go hiking, cycling, running, and pretty much anything else you can do in the great outdoors. Sometimes it’s nice to escape the busyness of the city by wandering through over 4,000 acres of parkland. Try the eastern edge of the park, at Crystal Springs, where you’ll find LA Zoo! Have a lovely time, but don’t get lost!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

It would be a crime to come to LA without visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame, wouldn’t it? Just being on the same ground as one of your favorite movie stars is quite an exciting feeling and one that has been experienced by some very stylish LA Escorts. Every one of the girls we represent, who have been to LA, have all done the walk! We could go into all the famous people who are represented here but would need a much bigger article. Trust us, just go and see for yourself!

Universal Studios

You do know that all LA escorts (indeed, all women) love to have fun right? And what better way to have fun than to go to a theme park. And if you’re going to choose a theme park, it might as well be one of the best in the entire world! Universal Studios Hollywood is the epitome of entertainment, for adults and children alike. It’s basically where fun and movies come together. Whether it’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or special effects shows, or the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead; your LA Escorts are going to have a blast, and so will you!

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Booking Los Angeles Escorts

LA is the place to be if you want sun and excitement. But we are certain that you want the best LA Escorts to keep you company. Of course, you could just search through the escorts in Los Angeles. But if you want only high-class escorts for your Los Angeles trip and plan to book them for one or more days, our escort agency is the benchmark. We have them all over the US, to begin with, never mind going too far, and more than likely a number of them in California. Take a look and give us a call. We’ll have the girl of your choice with you in no time.

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