escort in one of the best london rooftop bars

Just when you thought summer was over in London

Just When You Thought Summer Was Over In London

London's rooftop bars are open in January!

Summer is over of course, but there are a few places that are still enjoying an open air environment. We’re going to tell you about the London rooftop bars that have continued to operate into the winter.

You don’t have to be a smoker to drink outside this winter. There are some beautiful places in the city at the moment that aren’t just glorified ash trays. They’ve made an effort to help you enjoy the atmosphere and in most cases the views, from some London rooftops. We just know that a female travel escort would love to join you for a cocktail or two!

escort in one of the best london rooftop bars

Queen of Hoxton

Queen Hoxton has a Viking themed bar on the roof would you believe? It’s not as bizarre as you might think and we’re sure our high-end companions will find it utterly charming as will you. The decorations up there are simply fantastic. They call the place Skyhalla, which is rather cute in our opinion. You can even drink from a Viking horn!


Selfridges has a great restaurant on the roof called Forest. The lighting here is ideal for a romantic get together. At Christmas time it’s wonderful because you can look out over Oxford Street at all the lights. Hell, even if you went for a couple of cocktails on your own after work, you’re going to love it! Try the hot cider cocktails and the mulled wine. Tis the season after all!

Gordon Ramsay’s York & Albany

What would you expect from Ramsay? Well, we’ll tell you. A Gingerbread winter cabin! Yes, you read it right. But then, if you’re booking London Escorts or one of our international escorts, you may as well amplify the fun you’re bound to have. You can sip your cocktails with your very own blanket here!

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They’re our top choices for roof bars in London at the moment, so if you’re heading to the city this Christmas, they’re well worth a visit. Be sure to call us to organize your company too!