young woman waiting for boarding at airport gate

Why we like flying Emirates

Why We Like Flying Emirates

What’s the best airline for flying Business Class?

Traveling, either alone or with a companion, is something that requires some thought when it comes to choosing your airline. For those with few limits on resources (i.e. money), it’s clearly not such a big deal. But money or not, we all like to get value of course. Therefore, we asked some escorts which airlines these escorts like traveling with the most. We’ll cut to the chase and tell you in short that the one that came out on top was Emirates. Mind you, what you need to understand here is that we have travel companions all over the world, and apparently different airlines operate in different areas.

young woman waiting for boarding at airport gate

What’s so good about flying with Emirates?

Another difference is whether or not you’re flying Business or Economy. For instance, the Business Class Emirates gives you complimentary mimosas when you board, which is always nice. After all, some of our companions love a little tipple when they’re on board! Besides, the seats are all comfortable in Business Class (you’ll see here that not many of our girls travel economy!) They recline, there are reading lamps, plenty of room, and the TVs are nice and big too indeed!

We’ve flown with Emirates before too. We’re not sure whether they have this sort of thing with other airlines, but one little touch we like is the set of stickers they give you. Sounds odd? Well, in fact, they’re very useful. Moreover, they’re there to tell the cabin crew whether or not to wake you up for your food, or whether to leave you alone! How cool is that?

Complimentary stuff

Even in Economy Class, there’s loads of free stuff: magazines, newspapers, tea and coffee, pillows, headphones and more. You wouldn’t get that from “Sleazy Jet” of course. Other lovely features, in both Economy and Business Class, include real cutlery (because we’re not children!) and good choices on the menu (printed in both Arabic and English). Additionally, if you’re taking your kids away for a holiday, they’re going to be very impressed with the choice of movies. Surprisingly, those Emirates people do one better! Have you ever heard of the cameras they have on the bottom of the plane and the front for instance? In particular, you can look through these cameras on your TV screens!

Lots of fun to be had on the plane, but more fun to be had with an international escort!