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Welcome to Vegas

Well, what can our escorts tell you about Vegas that popular culture hasn’t already defined? America’s playground! And where else are you going to have a playground such as this? In the middle of the Nevada desert, that’s where. There is quite literally no escape once you get to Vegas; you’re surrounded on all sides by nothing! But who would want to leave Vegas once they’ve arrived? Only those who lose all their money really, but you’re not likely to be one of those “schmucks,” as they say in the states. And when you have the company of one of our charming Las Vegas escorts, or indeed any escort from around the world, you are sure to be mesmerised. In actual fact, these travel companions make an excellent distraction from all the gambling you could be doing.

Las Vegas revels in the culture of excess. If you want it, you can more than likely get it in Vegas. “The Strip” is an enticing, intoxicating experience, and you will see sights and people you never thought possible. Newlyweds, driven by impulse and alcohol, Elvis Presley impersonators, and even Egyptian Pharaohs are the order of the day (or should we say night?) It’s a crazy, party town, but it’s this that creates the charm. Americans come from all over the country to live it up in Vegas as though it’s their last day on earth, and it attracts thousands of holiday makers from all over the globe. You can bet your life that some of the travel companions we represent have spent time as Vegas escorts too!

travel escort enjoying vegas by day

Staying in Las Vegas

Las Vegas quite literally wrote the book on hospitality, and even though they’re likely to cause you to lose all your money in the casinos, you can be damn sure that your hotel stay will be a good one! Now, it’s just a question of what theme you like when you’re staying in Vegas really. There are hotels that can plunge you into a state of surreal disbelief if you so choose. We have a couple of recommendations for you. The following recommendations are of course based on direct Las Vegas escort knowledge.

  • The Bellagio – We’re betting that most of you have seen Ocean’s Eleven? If you have then you’ll already be familiar with the type of luxury we’re talking about at The Bellagio. Well, in truth, The Bellagio caters for quite literally everyone, but if you have the dollars, you can indeed live like a King among the players. The iconic Bellagio fountains are just the beginning of the fantasy that staying here is going to afford you. Believe us when we say that we could indeed write a book about this place! Even the most basic rooms at The Bellagio have everything you could need: 24 hours in room dining, Italian marble bathrooms, high-speed internet access, fine bed linen and complimentary robes etc. But if you’re after an upgrade it just gets better and better, the more money you have! If you have the money, get a suite, that’s all there is to it. With the Presidential suite you’re granted: complimentary, luxury airport transfers, private solarium, indoor garden and fireplace, your own bar, whirlpool tubs and more. We told you that Vegas is the city of excess right? Now imagine spending a couple of nights in a suite at The Bellagio with a stunning Las Vegas escort!
  • Wynn Las Vegas – Wynn has been an innovator on the strip over the last ten or so years, and started to introduce a more sophisticated and resort style. The building itself is that iconic curved skyscraper you’ve more than likely seen in pictures, and it truly is a tasteful sight in among the rest of the hotel casinos. Luxury rooms, luxury spas and fitness facilities, a total of four fantastic nightclubs where you can party all night with Vegas escorts, and so much more, like The Bellagio, it would take an article much longer than this to explain it all to you. We strongly urge you to click the link to the website and take a look for yourself. If you’re seriously considering Wynn, then we would recommend a Tower King Suite, where you can get everything you need, including concierge service and wonderful views!

Dining in Las Vegas

You’re in the playground of America, so you’re going to be able to dine on pretty much anything you could name that’s edible! Las Vegas have some really classy places to eat if you know where to look, and we’ve taken the liberty of listing a few for you. Our Las Vegas escorts have all eaten at these places before, so we have it on very good authority. Having said that, all the best hotels on the strip ensure the best quality cuisine and service; it’s in their best interests to keep you in there remember!

  • Sinatra. In the interests of the casinos, and referring to what we just mentioned, try dining at Sinatra in the Wynn hotel and resort. Yes, it’s “blue eyes,” and he’ll be watching over you whilst you eat in their plush dining room. It’s certainly a place that Sinatra would have enjoyed, and Chef Theo Schoenegger has put his own interesting twist on some classic dishes that were indeed enjoyed by the famous crooner himself.
  • Alizé – This wonderful restaurant is located in the Palms Casino Resort, and is yet another shining example of how well the casinos like to treat anyone who enters them. The food is outstanding (predominantly French by chef André Rochat), and the atmosphere is wonderful. Las Vegas escorts from all over the world have dined here with some of the most influential and affluent clients in the world, and you could be one of them.
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Our LV recommendations

As far as entertainment recommendations are concerned, there really aren’t too many places of interest off “The Strip”. You can venture elsewhere if you like, but when you have: The Bellagio, The Flamingo, Caesar’s Palace, The Venetian and The Mirage on your doorstep, you really will struggle to find time for anything else.

The Strip

It pretty much has to be about the casinos doesn’t it, and those giant hotels? It kind of goes without saying really, and we’re not likely to advise you to check out the wedding chapels with our Vegas escorts! The Strip is around five miles long and to be perfectly honest with you, you’re never likely to have to leave it. Everything, absolutely everything is there for you. The resort hotels and casinos have been built to keep you there, and you won’t even know you’re being held captive; but what better prison to be held in? Erupting volcanos and giant aquariums are just the start. The hotels are all different, but all equally as overwhelming. There has been a move away from the surrealist element in recent years, but it’s still well and truly there. Now you at least have the choice of a subtler hotel should you wish. See our hotel recommendations above.

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Booking Vegas escorts

For goodness sake, if you’re in the need of company whilst you’re away in Vegas, do not fall into that cliché of hiring a cheap Vegas girl and end up in a hotel room, drunk out of your mind with no money! Trust us when we say, it actually does happen! No, you need to book an elite escort that matches your social status! Indeed, when you book any true travel escort from us, you’re paying for the time of a wonderful companion; but you can trust us when we tell you that the Las Vegas escorts you book through Travel-Escorts Escort Agency, will be the type of women you could take home to introduce to your mother!

Don’t lose too much in Vegas! And make sure you keep the right company!