our international companions are classy escorts

Just how classy are these international companions?

The Classiest Escorts And Where To Find Them

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In this blog post, we’ll give you a little insight into the type of escort that qualifies for the word "classy" and to be represented by a world-class escort agency such as ours. Hopefully, this will go some way to explaining just how classy these international companions really are.

our international companions are classy escorts

What does it take to be a classy escort?

  • Unfathomable beauty; in other words, beauty that you simply can’t account for. Beauty that isn’t necessarily quintessential in nature. We are talking about looks that can barely be described here. We are well aware that men of your status are attracted to a vast array of different women, and we couldn’t possibly represent all tastes. However, we do go for unique looks, as well as beauty that is widely considered to be stunning by everyone. We are hoping that you find someone who takes your fancy. We are quietly confident that you will.
  • The travel companions we tend to list are highly intelligent. This doesn’t necessarily always mean that they are academically minded. In our humble opinion, these two things are not the same at all. We are talking about individual intelligence. All our escorts are unique but highly intelligent, and it’s only when it comes to writing this that we realize just how hard it is to describe. They are very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and very eager and capable of conversing on these. The female escorts we represent do not pretend to know about something if they don’t, and this endears them to all who book them. What does unite them all is their eagerness to hear about new things, learn and contribute where they can.
  • Cultured with individual interests. We tend to tire of girls who approach us for representation, who simply tell us the same old thing time and time again. Yes, we get it, all beautiful young women like shopping and dressing nice etc. This is something that we have come to realize. We are keen to list girls that have other interests too. The theater, literature, skiing, horse riding, scuba diving, dancing etc. Those with a passion for one or more things are always welcomed.
  • We like girls who can speak at least two languages competently really. English is always the preferred second language if they can speak it fluently enough because English appears to be spoken all over the world. Besides, when you book an international escort, you’d expect them to be able to get by with all the traveling they do, right?

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We could go on and on here, but we understand that your time is precious. We think that you’ll be able to see from that brief list that we only ever list classy escorts from across the globe. So you see, you really can book with absolute confidence from us!