new orleans is the city of jazz

New Orleans Jazz is better in New Orleans

Best Jazz Bars In New Orleans

Today, we have something for Music Lovers

Ever been to New Orleans before? No? Well, our holiday companions have, and they simply love the city. Now, another question. Do you like jazz? Do you like the blues? If you do, then you seriously have to go to New Orleans. Don’t waste any more time. Plan your trip to Louisiana and book one of our gorgeous New Orleans escorts. You haven’t heard real New Orleans Jazz until you’ve heard it there.

You haven’t heard real New Orleans Jazz until you’ve heard it there.


new orleans is the city of jazz

Where in New Orleans?

You should know that if a band is good enough to play jazz in New Orleans, they’ve got to already be at a pretty damn good standard right? Our escorts for travelers have recommended the following places, and they have actually been there, keep this in mind!

  • The Spotted Cat Music Club – 623 Frenchmen Street. It’s not just jazz here, they play blues too, but it’s all good. Sometimes it costs a few dollars to get in depending on the acts, but just pay it and enjoy some of the finest jazz in New Orleans.
  • Snug Harbour Jazz Bistro – 626 Frenchmen Street. Fine food and unforgettable music, all brought together. You’ll be in for a real treat here folks. This place dates back to the creoles in the 19th century! Really good music!
  • Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse – 300 Bourbon Street. A Bourbon Street legend these days. Its home is the Royal Sonesta Hotel, and it’s always busy. Get there early and grab a seat near the front.
  • Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub – 733 Bourbon Street. Started in the 60’s and enjoys a lovely reputation for live music. It’s one of the most intimate venues that our travel escorts have ever been to.

We can only tell you about a few places in an escort blog of course, but you should know that there are so many music venues in New Orleans, that it’s simply a music lovers’ paradise; even more so if that said music lover is a “jazz head!” But don’t go there on your own. For goodness sake take a beautiful young companion with you to New Orleans and impress the pants off her!