charm skills are important to win the women's heart

Pick up lines don’t work – Try this!

Improving Your Charm Skills

Just looking around or sending Messages online won't work to conquer Females

We realize that this is a blog that offers advice on booking holiday escort, travel advice and such, but we thought it wouldn’t hurt for you to brush up on your charm skills for a bit of fun. You never know when you’re going to meet a woman you’re interested in; it could be anywhere. Best to be prepared right?

charm skills are important to win the women's heart

Modern day dating

The trouble is, these days, all face to face meetings and introductions seem to have gone away with the new dating apps, etc. When was the last time you walked up to a woman in a bar or club to speak to her? We suppose that escort websites don’t help either really, in all honesty. You see the girl you like the look of, you read a little about her, and you pay her to come and spend time with you. Nice and easy, but it doesn’t help you brush up on your skills.

Get some skills

It’s mostly about making a connection in our opinion. And remember, more than anything else, it’s not like it is in the movies. If you try cheesy nonsense, you’ll be ignored!

  • Position yourself. Be where you’re likely to meet someone, to begin with. Let’s say you’re in a bar. So sit at the bar. This makes sense since most people in bars go there for a drink!
  • Break the ice. Something as simple as mentioning how busy the place is, or perhaps there’s a feature in the bar that you could mention.
  • Gauge their reaction. If the girls are not interested at all, their answers will be short, or they won’t bother to answer you at all. If they’re hard faced, they’ll tell you straight that they’re not interested. If they engage you in conversation, you’ve got an in at least.
  • Compliments. Be careful with your compliments. You’ll show the women you’re interested if you get them conversing and you compliment them on their opinions etc. rather than their looks, you’ll be sincerer this way!
  • Be interesting. Don’t go on about other people, tell them a little about yourself, what you’re doing there, etc. but don’t talk for too long. You need to do a lot of listening.
  • Don’t ogle her! We know this is hard with our elite escorts because they’re simply gorgeous, so perhaps you could practice with one of them! Seriously, keep your eyes on her face, to begin with of course.

If you try these charm tips out, you might get luckier than you imagine. And hell, there’s no harm in trying is there?

Don’t worry about it when you have escorts

Of course, if you book one of our travel escort companions to join you anywhere in the world, you don’t have to worry about any of this. So if you have the cash, splash out and spend time with the escort girl of your dreams!