impress your london date

Don’t show off with your date when you go to dinner

How To Impress Your Date In London Restaurants

Don't show off and know the Basics!

Just a little friendly advice for London dates, you understand. This can work just as well for a date with a travel escort, as it can with a regular woman you’ve met through conventional means in London. We’re guessing that you’re out to impress your London date, whichever she is, so it’s with this in mind that we offer a couple of very important tips!

impress your london date

Be polite to the staff

This shouldn’t really need to be said, but it does occasionally slip the mind of some. There are people in the world who believe that it’s a display of confidence and authority to be bossy and/or rude to the waiting staff at restaurants. This is terribly naive to say the very least, and most of the travel companions who have ever experienced this, with clients or anyone else, have all remarked on how unattractive and plain horrible it is. You know, even if the waiting staff need to be told something, it’s awkward enough for your companion, never mind if they haven’t actually done anything wrong! So don't be bossy in the restaurant and be a gentleman to the staff!

Are you really a wine expert?

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to dinner with someone who spends half an hour perusing the wine list. It’s bad enough when the person doing it actually knows something about wine, but when they don’t it’s infuriating! If you don’t know much about wine, show some humility and defer to the waiter’s advice. If you’re in a classy place, the waiters will have been told all about the wine on the list, so their information will be invaluable. If you do know about wine, just choose one and don’t tell your date all about your knowledge; she's really more interested in you!

Besides all that, you never know just how talented your travel escort may be. You might be dining with a gourmet expert. After all, we do have some remarkable young women at the agency, and they do get to dine out all over the world. Tread carefully if you want to impress one of these girls!