How to dine in Tokyo

How To Dine In Tokyo

Rules for visiting Japanese restaurants in Tokyo

What we’re going to concentrate on here is basic etiquette in Japanese restaurants, so that when you do get our recommendations, you’ll know what to do! Many holiday escorts have traveled to Tokyo before, and they’re all keen to return. So if you want to go over there for a trip, you needn’t be alone.

Our top tips for Sushi and Japanese restaurants

We’re talking about sushi restaurants here ladies and gents. And we’re talking about the nice cozy ones, where they’ll cook right there and then in front of you. Remember, be respectful. Here are some tips for you, for both before and during your meal.

  • Firstly, choose wisely. It now occurs to us that we should have put some recommendations for Tokyo before we wrote this. However, we would advise you to do a Google search for Tokyo restaurants and choose one that’s popular and well-reviewed. At least now you’ll be in an authentic, good quality restaurant in which to practice your etiquette.
  • Ask for assistance. It’s not that the Japanese don’t like you, but some very good restaurants will turn you down if you don’t speak Japanese. It’s best to get someone from your hotel to book your table if you can, this way you will be able to get in! Remember that it’s common in Japan to pay a deposit for your table through your hotel concierge. Therefore, if you don’t turn up, you will still be charged. You’d better be sure you want to go.
  • Clean your hands. You’ll get a fresh towel to clean your hands. Doing this is customary. And, when in Tokyo ...
  • Don’t wait for everyone else. It’s polite in western culture to wait for others to be served before you eat, but this is not the case in a Tokyo sushi restaurant. When your fish and rice are served up before you, tuck in. You'll get it at precisely the right time. It’s fresh, has the correct temperature, and you’re going to love it. And besides, you and your companion will just look weird if you wait!
  • The staff and chefs are your friends. There’s no messing about in Tokyo. People take their food very seriously, and they are very proud of their culinary traditions. You can trust these people implicitly. We have it on competent authority from some of our very best travel escorts that you can easily leave all the deciding to your chef. He knows just what to give you.

Booking the right company for trips to Japan

It’s an excellent idea to book a travel escort who has been to Tokyo, or at least Japan if you can. It doesn’t’ matter if you can’t, all the girls are keen to travel to places they haven’t been. Call us up on the phone for more information should you wish.