career as travel escort

How does a travel escort do it?

How Does A Travel Escort Do It?

First of all, how does your agency find these wonderful escorts?

Our clients are forever asking just how we find the girls that sign up to the agency for representation. To be entirely honest with you all, we don’t look for them at all. We may do a little recruitment drive now and then via social media etc., but for the most part, when you’re an agency with a reputation like ours, they find you.

career as travel escort

Why do they do it?

Travel escorts, or indeed any escorts, get into the business because it’s pretty damn glamorous, and it pays well. There isn’t much more to it than to be perfectly honest. Some people believe tall tales about girls “turning” to escorting because they’re desperate etc. That's certainly not what attracts the type of elite girls we get. In reality, this is an ancient theory, and these days it’s incredibly rare, since no agency that’s worth anything would represent a sad girl. And let’s face it, if the girl didn’t want to escort, she wouldn’t be much fun, would she?

All the girls we take on as travel escorts are incredibly aware of what they want. They’re very highly driven young ladies, with careers and future aspirations. They use this job to see the world, to spend time in the company of some of the richest and most powerful men, and to accumulate enough capital to get what they desire. In the end, the pursuit of riches is what we’re all doing!

What does it take?

It takes a girl of remarkable intelligence, as well as incredible beauty. Looks are vital of course. Young women who become escort girls all usually have great bodies and unique looks. That's what makes them ideal for an agency. But there’s a lot more to it than that. The girls we represent have to be very well educated and speak good English (preferably additional languages). Certainly, they must be cultured, but most of all highly enthusiastic and adventurous. You see, they have to travel all over the world. And this brings us neatly around to the fundaments of becoming a travel escort. All the girls we represent have to be eligible to travel anywhere in the world, and they need to be confident enough to travel alone, anywhere in the world.

We know our clients very well indeed, and we can ensure anyone applying to become a holiday escort, that their safety and happiness is at the forefront of our concerns when representing them. Never will we ask one of our girls to go anywhere, when they’re not comfortable.

For any potential travel escorts

If you’re looking for work as an elite travel escort, you can apply to our agency at any time. You simply need to go along to the casting page and fill out all the required fields. It should be self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, simply give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.