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Welcome to Houston

Houston is a huge, sprawling city that’s going to take some time to explore. We sincerely hope that you’re spending a while here with your vip escort! Our Houston escorts say it's one of those cities that doesn’t quite know in which camp to settle, although it’s quite happy to be in this position. You see, Houston has a certain relaxed feel about it. You can enjoy a BBQ and a rodeo with plentiful beer one night, and then hit the theatre district on another night, catch a show, enjoy some high end French dining with a choice of fine wines. One thing is for sure however, unlike many cities on the east coast, a cowboy hat and a pair of jeans are commonly accepted wherever you go in Houston. Just make sure that your boots are clean!

Despite its wealth and oily roots, Houston has developed some very interesting cultural attractions over the years, and it now boasts a number of very interesting places to visit that aren’t all “downtown”. The museum district, Montrose, Midtown and Washington Avenue, have a lot to offer too. They’re home to some great nightlife, museums, galleries, historical homes, restaurants and boutique shopping that are sure to interest any Houston escort you’d care to take along with you!

vip escort in houston hotel pool

Staying in Houston

We’ll say one thing for those Texans, they know how to stay in style! The hotels we’ve mentioned here have all been recommended by Houston escorts, and escorts that have flown in from elsewhere in the world to spend time with clients. We are well aware of how discerning you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be considering hiring a travel companion from us, so we have kept this in mind when choosing from what turned out to be quite a large list of hotels.

  • The St. Regis. If you’re staying in Houston, then it may as well be five-star quality; particularly since the rates are so good for what you’re getting! We’re not talking about cheap rooms here of course; we’re talking about value. The suites are wonderful. They come with great views over the park, they have separate living rooms, and most have butler services and hot tubs! A Houston escort’s dream!
  • Four Seasons. Always a good name in hospitality, we never have a problem with Four Seasons, regardless of where in the world our travel companions end up going. The location is very convenient: close to Discovery Green park, and not far from other attractions like the Aquarium. Some of the rooms have private patios where you can have your own access to the pool, the suites are very high quality, and there’s a spa, fitness centre and great conferencing facilities.

Dining in Houston

Houston has a plethora of restaurants to choose from. You can still get pretty much anything you want, but the focus is primarily on good old fashioned American food. You know how those Texans enjoy a good steak? Well, you can bet your life that we’ve added a steak joint to our list of recommendations too! And don’t think for a moment that your Houston escort won’t want to eat a steak either, we’re betting that she will, and she’ll love any of these places!

  • La Table. Clearly it’s French of course! Well, to be precise, it’s French/American. This is the kind of sophisticated place you go for a special occasion, so booking a lovely Houston escort could well indeed qualify. It has an award winning wine list, and the food is simply to die for. We recommend the rack of lamb, carved at your table; lovely and tender!
  • Vic and Anthony’s Steakhouse. And here’s a very typical Texan steakhouse for you. The choice of steaks is vast and prices vary considerably, but they all look as tasty as each other to tell the truth. You will also find a good range of steak sauces, salads, seafood and drinks at Vic and Anthony’s, along with some pretty great live music. Overall, it’s a great night to be had with some very tasty food.
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Our Houston recommendations

Discovery Green

It’s a lot more than a park, we can tell you this much! Our Houston escorts have spent many a time strolling through Discovery Green in their downtime, or taking a romantic walk with one of you lucky gents! Discovery Green has its own lake, playgrounds, fountains, and displays some wonderful outdoor artwork. It’s a great place to meet friends, or if you have family with you, it’s a popular place to spend the afternoon having a picnic, or perhaps taking in one of the shows that are often on in the public performance space available. There are also a number of restaurants here too, but whilst they are all good quality, they’re not really high end dining experiences and probably wouldn’t be the place you’d want to take your Houston escort on a dinner date. You could however catch an outdoor “movie on the green”, or stroll around one of the night time markets they often have there.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

It seems every major city in the world has a science museum these days, but Houston’s certainly holds its own. The exhibits here are recognised globally for their significance and include ancient Mayan artefacts, Egyptian mummies, prehistoric skeletons and impressively rare gems. It’s a great place to spend the afternoon escaping the heat outside with a beautiful companion on your arm. If you have kids, there’s plenty for them to do in the interactive sections of the museum, like the biosphere. If you’re truly a man of culture, then you’re going to want to put this one on your “to do list.”

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Booking Houston escorts

It’s always good to remember that if you want Houston escorts to keep you company whilst you’re in town, when you book through us, they don’t actually have to come from Houston! You could book an international escort from across the other side of the world, Italy perhaps, or even Russia. They may well never have been to Houston before, but you can count on them being there when you want them. You may be travelling to Houston from elsewhere in the world yourself, or perhaps travelling from another state in the US. Please consider that there may well be a young companion in your current city, or nearby, who would be happy to travel with you too!

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